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Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Tricks And Tips

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Tricks And Tips

If you bought Battlefield 3 I can almost guarantee you didn’t buy it for the single player(being that is is very short), but for the multiplayer. If you are new to the Battlefield series this may be a bit different for you so check out these tips and tricks to get the edge in your matches!

Admittedly I am a bit of a noob to the large scale Battlefield games so if you know something I don’t let me know in the comments and I’ll post it giving you credit.

Battlefield 3 multiplayer tips and tricks 1 – Check your controls. If you don’t play the campaign, which I know some of you won’t, then check the controls. This isn’t your typical CoD controls and I didn’t see an option to make them similar so check them out. Also on this the default controls for the Jets and choppers is inverted which I believe you can change in the options.

Battlefield 3 multiplayer tips and tricks 2 – Use the vehicles properly. This is something I see often and is very annoying. If you take any land vehicle give it a couple seconds and I guarantee if other people are around the will hop in as well. Don’t do the lone ranger thing if you meet a tank with two people and you are only one you will lose the tank and most likely die. Vehicles can turn the tide of any fight if used correctly so don’t just rush in and sacrifice them. They can be used to capture control points as well.

Battlefield 3 multiplayer tips and tricks 3 – The brush is your friend. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just been on the edge of some shrubs or a bush waiting for a squad to roll up to one of the letters and I just roll them from behind. Sitting at the edge of the brush makes you very hard to see but you can see through the little holes from the branches. Don’t be a fool and stay to long though they will likely catch on after one or two. Even if they do and they rush in to check you can mow one or two down before you die. If they check it alone knife them and find someone else to hide or go head hunting.

Battlefield 3 multiplayer tips and tricks 4 – Destructible environments. Got a sniper in a building you simple can’t get to? Bring a tank or helicopter to the building and start blowing the walls down. A sniper won’t be able to do enough damage to take any heavy vehicle out quickly so you can’t destroy his cover and murder him quickly if you have the fire power.

Battlefield 3 multiplayer tips and tricks 5 – Protect the objectives. As far as I’ve seen there are no kill streaks in this game so if you are letting an objective get blown up you really are not helping the team. That said rushing in and only trying to disarm the bomb will likely get you killed. Scout it out you have about 30 seconds until they blow up. Make sure the area is clear then disable the bomb. It also will get you some nice points.

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Class tips (Thanks to Guest Hero Cooper)
MEDIC – You carry a medi-pack. USE IT! even if your not hit other team members can find it on the map and heal also giving you stacks of points. also defib. one of the fastest ways to gain points if your not great at shooting is to get your team back up. not only does this rack up your score but every time you get a man up your refunded a spawn ticket and will stay in the game longer.

Engineer – If your not driving the Armor/vehicles, your destroying them. don’t neglect mines. place these at junctions, choke off points and bottle necks 3 at a time to finish a tank earning you 250 points plus. also grenade enemy mines stopping your armour being destroyed and giving you points also. when in a stand off with armour quickly jumping out at the last minute and firing an RPG its faster than waiting to see who gets the last shot out of a tank.

Assault – DROP THE AMMO CRATE if your doing well and not dying your gonna need more ammo. ask team mate for it by pressing select (or jumping around in front get results too) most assault weapons wander whilst firing the bipod is the best for stopping this (double click aim to set up) and spot your targets.

Sniper – sitting back and camping will only get you so far in BF3 but if you must deploy your motion sensor or i will find you and cut you. keep moving to avoid enemy snipers. also spot your enemys it helps not only locate that 1 target is but also where others may be spawning so be a team player… or switch over to COD. some semi auto rifles are useful up close if the scope is removed.

Vehicles – wait a second at the start of the game before driving away in the APC’s nothing worst/more stupid than leaving your team to run in. more guns on the battlefield the better. if your using a transport helicopter just to get to the battle field take a passenger seat. ghosting it into a building after you’ve bail out killing the rest of the crew is just idiotic. jets, took me a couple of goes to get the missiles but be patient its worth it in the end. when bailing out don’t hit the parachute if your hi up. do some sky diving/HALO jumping and open up just before the ground. Thats all i can think of for now. hope it helps

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