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Beat Charles Or Let Him Win In Forza Horizon 5

During the Born Fast Horizon Story you are given a choice during a race. This guide on Beat Charles Or Let Him Win In Forza Horizon 5 will tell you if the choice has any serious consequence or if it’s just like the rest of the choices in the game and doesn’t matter.

Rather strangely, some of the Horizon Stories in Forza Horizon 5 have branching paths. Each path gives you a choice and lets you determine the outcome based on the choice you make. However, since every story has a powerful vehicle unlock for 3 starring every mission within each Horizon Story, it makes the choices kind of pointless – and that’s very much the same here.

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Beat Charles Or Let Him Win In Forza Horizon 5

Mission 3 in the Born Fast Horizon Story is Charlie’s Request. He will ask you to throw the race and then when you start the race, the objective is to either let him win or win. Ultimately, it makes no difference at all. Both choices will immediately take you to mission 4 once complete, where you need to race and defeat Antonia in a Street Race. The dialogue and events change slightly in the following scenes but it’s minimal and as you’ll have to play through all the chapters anyway, it doesn’t make a difference. So just choose whatever you want.

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