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How To Become A Pirate In Archeage

Archeage pirates
So you want to become a pirate in Archeage? Just follow these simple steps and you will be plundering booty in no time.

Players can report you using these footprints
Players can report you using these footprints

Step 1. Commit crimes

It’s time to do away with the nice guy and get some bad reputation going by committing crimes. You can choose to murder or steal, but make sure there are witnesses around to click and collect the blood splatters or footprints that you will leave on the crime scene. You will need to commit these crimes against someone of your own faction to make it count, so keep that in mind. Every time a player reports you through the blood spatters or footprints you gain 1 crime point.

Step 2. Go to jail

Jail ArcheageAlthough as a criminal it’s usually not preferred to go to jail, it is necessary if you want to become infamous enough to be considered a pirate. To go to jail you need to accumulate 50 crime points through murder and theft and then die. Yes, you need to die before you are prompted with the option to go straight to jail. Or you can have a “fair” player-ran trial – your choice. The player jurors are capable of lowering or extending the jail time, so be careful.

Step 3. Repeat first 2 steps until you reach 3k negative karma.

As soon as you reach 3k karma you will be considered a pirate and teleported to a pirate island. Both factions will now be hostile towards you. However, a new faction known as “The Pirates” will welcome you into their ranks and supply you with quests and vendors. As a pirate, life can be tough because a large part of the world is now out to kill you. As far is I know there is no going back, so make sure that the pirate life is right for you before going on a crime spree.

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