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Saints Row IV Guide – Ben King Loyalty Mission Guide

Saints Row IV Guide - Ben King Loyalty Mission Guide
Want Ben King to be your Super Homie in Saints Row IV? Follow Gamers Heroes’ guide for the Ben King Loyalty Mission and you can add this kickass fellow to your crew. Ben King’s Loyalty Mission “Loyalty – King of the Dance” will be available once you free him in the story mode. Go to the Quests Menu to begin.

Finish Off Tanya

Head over to the western part of Steelport – Salander to meet up with Ben King. Go over to the alley and take down the Vice Kings in the area. Take down the virus carrier (the stripper) and absorb the virus with triangle once she is down.

Follow Ben King

Head over to the southern part of Steelport – Burns Hill and kill the second group of Vice Kings. Once again, you will need to take down the virus carrier (the green gorilla) and absorb it with triangle once it is down. If you’re having trouble, just freeze/stomp your way to victory.

Head to the Gothedral

Head to the western part of Steelport – Burns Hill and take down the enemies and third virus carrier (the S&M guy) with the same strategy as the first two waves. Once you absorb the virus with triangle, enjoy your new threads.

Go to Technically Legal

Head to Steelport – Ashwood to Technically Legal and sign up for amateur strip night in the back with triangle. Do a sexy dance by following the prompts to Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistable” — take all the time you need. After you’re done, head to the roof.

Chase Tanya

Chase Tanya by Super Sprinting/Super Jumping to the center of Steelport – Salander. Fight her until she’s down to 50% health — be sure to use buffs/freeze to take her down quickly. Chase her again to the eastern part of Steelport – Burns Hill, and get ready to fight her again on the rooftop. Use the same strategy until she is down to 25%, then finish her with triangle. Head down to the park where she landed, and watch the final cutscene.

Congrats — Ben King is now your super homie!

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