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Best Agency To Buy In GTA Online

What's The Cheapest And Best Agency To Buy In GTA Online Contract DLC

The Contract DLC is now available in GTA Online but to start the DLC, you need to buy an Agency. This guide on the Best Agency To Buy In GTA Online will tell you the cheapest Agency available on the market as well as the Agency that is closest to the starting missions of the job so you can get through the DLC quicker.

As with all of this kind of DLC in Grand Theft Auto Online, the best is a very subjective term. All of the different Agencies have the same features. You can pay additional cash for an armory, living quarters, all the flavor upgrades that are usually available when you purchase or start a brand new business. However, if money is a concern, there is definitely a “best” option as the price between each of the Agencies varies.

What’s The Cheapest And Best Agency To Buy In GTA Online Contract DLC

In terms of pure value, it’s a pretty simple decision to make. There are four Agencies currently available to purchase. All of the Agencies are purchased through the Dynasty 8 Executive app on the Internet section of the in-game mobile phone. In terms of best value, here are the prices.

  • Hawick – $2,830,000
  • Little Seoul – $2,010,000
  • Rockford Hills – $2,415,000
  • Vespucci Canals – $2,145,000

With the most expensive being Hawick at $2,830,000 and the cheapest being Little Seoul at $2,010,000, the clear winner in terms of pure financial value is Little Seoul. It’s the cheapest to setup so if you want to avoid spending all your cash or don’t want to purchase Shark Cards to buy the more expensive options, Little Seoul is the best choice.

In terms of the best location for the quickest access to the jobs. We’re still working through the initial objectives and will update shortly with the closest Agency in terms of completing missions. Check back in an hour or two for an update.

The white arrows indicate the random Security Contracts that appear. The one at Tequi-La-La is probably the quickest so being close to there isn’t a terrible idea. The red icon is the first mission, the second is at the FIB HQ. As you can see, it’s spread out over a large area. When you leave your Agency you can always leave with a helicopter so the location isn’t that important.

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