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Best Car To Go 250mph In Forza Horizon 5

Several daily challenges require you to reach over 250mph. This guide on the Best Car To Go 250mph In Forza Horizon 5 will tell you the best car you can buy that will help you complete all of the speed challenges as well as some of the other speed-based objectives in the game.

There are a few vehicles that can go over 250mph but buying a car simply to complete the objectives is very expensive and not very smart. As such, our choice isn’t the most user friendly, but it’s the most value you will get for your cash. Getting Credits in Forza Horizon 5 is easy. You get plenty off regular Wheelspins and the Super Wheelspins will often net you hundreds of thousands. However, there is a method to get this car for free.

Free Legendary Vehicles In Forza Horizon 5 Guide

The car you want to buy in the Jesko 2020 Koenigsegg. It sells for 2.8m Credits, which is a lot of money, but you can easily buy it after a couple days play. The reason this vehicle is one of the best for reaching the 250mph speed limits is because it is both very fast and handles brilliantly. This means that you can use it to complete the 250mph challenges but you can also use it in races.

There is a free version of this car, albeit a slightly older model, the Jesko Koenigsegg. This is a free legendary vehicle that you can unlock for completing an Horizon Story, V10, with all three stars on every mission. It’s tough, but it’s cheaper than buying the car outright.

I was able to get a top speed of 285mph when it was fully upgraded, using the automatic upgrade function. It’s also a great vehicle for completing all the Danger Signs as the speed allows you to get a ton of air. Use any of the freeways for a long, single direction road that lets you get to top speeds with minimal effort.

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