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Best Keepsake In Elden Ring

Much like former games From has done, you get to pick a starter item in Elden Ring. Check out this guide to find out what the best Keepsake In Elden Ring is. This way you don’t have to make a mistake early and end up rerolling.

Best Keepsake In Elden Ring

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I’ll give you the best two at the top and go over the rest down below.

Golden Seed
Very straight forward. If you pick this you will get an extra flask early on and be able to heal more often or restore mana more often. Eventually you need multiple seeds to get more flasks, but early on this is a great pick.

Stonesword Key
My other top pick is the Stonesword Keys (you get 2). These don’t come into major play until later in the game but they generally hide access to very good weapons, armor, or spells. You will get many on your playthrough, but there are too many doors to open so having some for free is ideal.

Now for the rest of them.

Crimson Amber Medallion
Veyr simple trinket that boosts your max HP by a bit. It might let you take another hit, but you’ll replace this very quickly and you can buy it from merchants.

Lands Between Rune
You can use this to get yourself 3000 Runes early. This is great for the start of the game but it is one and done. I am at point now where it takes over 10000 runes to level. While it might seem good on paper, it falls off quickly.

Fanged Imp Ashes
Elden Ring let’s you summon ghost allies to help you out and the Fanged Imps are one of the ghost allies. You can’t summon them without the bell so they are useless until you get that. You also get a lot of allies to summon so this one is needed.

Cracked Pot
This is a crafting Material that you need in order to make like fire flasks, or other flasks you throw at enemies. They don’t disappear after you use them so they have value throughout the whole game. The problem is you just don’t craft that often to make these worth taking in the beginning. Skip them and pick something else.

Bewitching Branch
This one is interested because it let’s you charm enemies for a bit at the cost of you mana. You only get five and after the effects wear off you are left with nothing. These are fun but not worth it for the first item.

Boiled Prawn
Makes it so you take less damage when you eat them, nuff said.

Shabriri Woe
This will make the enemies come after you from a distance. I’m sure there is some cheesy method of farming a boss with this or something, but to the average player it’ll be pointless.

Check back soon for more Elden Ring Guides.

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