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Best Place To Farm Herbs In New World

Herbs play an important part of many of New World’s recipes. This guide on the Best Place To Farm Herbs In New World will tell you about a spot with a lot of herb nodes that you can farm, although it’s a challenging location if you’re not paying attention.

The ultimate farming spots are always the ones where you can mindlessly go from node to node, gathering resources and worrying about little else than what’s on your second monitor. However, for this particular location, you will need to have a good understanding of New World’s aggro and pathing mechanics as there are strong enemies here. The location for the herbs is in Ebonscale Reach, which is a level 51-60 area. There are wolves in the woodlands where we’re going and although they are easily avoided, it may be too much work for some.

Best Place To Farm Herbs In New World

Best Place To Farm Herbs In New World
There are a lot of Herb spawns in this region, more than you can farm before the earlier ones respawn. This makes it a great place to farm Herbs but if you’re too low a level, it can be a bit exhausting. I’m level 29 and am able to farm here for a couple of hours before I get caught. There are two main things to be cautious off.

Firstly, and most commonly, Wolves. They are in the area and will chase you down if they see you. Simply flee from these, paying attention to their leap attack. Honestly, wolves are present from very early in the game and the attack patterns and movements of these wolves are identical to the wolves you fight at the start, so you should be well versed in avoiding their attacks. The real danger here comes from the enemy camps. Be cautious of the buildings and structures in this region. There are high level enemies here with guns. Dodging wolves, no problem, all day, dodging a bullet? Much harder. They will easily kill you in two shots so be prepared to die if you approach the buildings and structures. Most of the Herb spawns are in the forest/woodland areas so you should be fine.

  • The enemies here are a high level. Be prepared to die, so don’t bring all of your expensive gear and tools
  • Avoiding the wolves is easy enough. Just don’t approach the buildings or structures in the area
  • There are tons of Herbs at this location, plenty to farm for as long as you need
  • If the area is a bit difficult, it’s a fine spot once you’ve progressed into the later levels.
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