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Best Pokemon Tera Type Combos In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

With the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and the new Terastal Phenomenon, we take a deep dive into some of the Best Pokemon Tera Type Combos. For those of you new to Tera types, once per battle (needs recharging at a Pokemon Center), a Pokemon of your choice can change its type to that of its underlying Tera Type and it gains a small boost to the damage it does, similar to STAB bonuses. This will be replacing the Dynamax from the Sword and Shield games and quite frankly, apart from the strange hats they wear while Terastalized…. We like it.

The opportunities this creates are really exciting and we can’t wait to see how the professional meta unfolds. We take a look at our top 5 Best Pokemon Tera Type Combos looking at defensive, offensive, and ability possibilities. How you can catch opponents out and give you the edge.

5. Torkoal – Tera Type Grass

Best Pokemon Tera Type Combos
This defensive powerhouse can utilize its Drought ability to put the sun up. Great, it already has fire-type moves but how about a STAB 120 base power 100% Accurate Solar Beam that only takes one turn? This is effectively 180 base damage a turn with the sun up. Not only this but by switching to grass type it loses a lot of its main weaknesses. Bait out the water or ground type Pokemon from your opponent and you are going to struggle to find one that can take a hit from this. And you still have the sun up to boost your fire-type moves for coverage. We like this derpy turtle, just hope there aren’t any fire types on the opponent’s team as a grass type with the sun up may have a bad day. This is why Torkoal only just sneaks in the 5th spot. For an item we would suggest a quick claw, it’s a turtle, and it’s not fast…

4. Hydreigon – Tera Type Electric

4. Hydreigon - Tera Type Electric
Next on the list is another interesting combo. One that we have seen before, is the electric type with the ability to levitate. We had this with Eelektross in X & Y and Black and White and we miss it. With levitate, you swap your only weakness, ground, to an immunity. No weaknesses. If Eelektross can make use of this with its middling 515 base stats, then this Pseudo-Legendary with its impressive 600 and deep move pool definitely can. Hydreigon already sees a lot of play but suffers from several common weaknesses and a nasty x4 to arguably one of the best types in the game, Fairy. We would have liked to see some better Electric-type moves to make use of it offensively but alas you are stuck with thunder fang, but the ability to take a hit from anything means you have plenty of time to get up a couple of nasty plots and cause your opponent some serious problems!

3. Dragonite – Tera Type Normal

3. Dragonite - Tera Type Normal
We have another Pseudo-Legend on the list. The original to be exact. Now don’t sleep on normal type moves, there are some dangerous ones. In this case, we are talking about Extreme Speed, an 80 base power priority move, now 120 with STAB. The highest of any priority move to date. Dragonite takes advantage of this by having great bulk and attack. Its speed leaves a lot to be desired but the beauty of this build is that it takes the need for speed out of the equation and gets rid of that nasty x4 weakness to ice to boot. Throw in brick break for super effective moves on rock and steel which both resist normal and you still have a couple of slots left to cover you for ghost type. Strap on an assault vest and go all out attacking moves for the extra bulk and this is one tough dragon to get through.

2. Gyarados – Tera Type Ground

2. Gyarados - Tera Type Ground
Well it couldn’t really fly anyway right? We picked this because we love the idea of baiting out its nemesis the electric type to only be met with a right grounding. And this Gen 1 classic can now get a STAB bonus on one of the best physical moves from Gen 1, Earthquake. 100 base damage and 100 accuracy. Not only this but this beast Pokemon also gets access to ice fang to cover grass and flying types for super effective damage. Catch your opponent out and trap it with Whirlpool while you dragon dance yourself into a position to sweep the opponents entire team.

1. Arcanine – Tera Type Fairy

The top spot goes to the top dog, Arcanine. Now usually you wouldn’t think twice about its abilities. Intimidate is powerful but in the new Terastle landscape we would consider its lesser known ability ‘Flash Fire’. Immunity to fire type moves when you are a fire type is nothing to write home about but when you are changing type this becomes a different ball game. We have considered others with similar abilities like sap sipper and water absorb but they tend to miss a key element. This oversized pup gets access to the best Fairy type physical move in the game, Play Rough. 90 base power, now STAB, coupled with its impressive attack stat makes it one of the potential best users of Play Rough in the game. One of the best moves of one of the best types. With access to great fire type moves and all important Ground moves that can hit all of Fairy types offensive weaknesses for super effective damage, we say… who’s a good boy.

And that is our Best Pokemon Tera Type Combos with our top 5 Tera Type combos. With the inevitable release of DLC we can’t wait to see what other options they give us although I think we will be waiting a long time for Sheninja unfortunately. Wonder Guard was not meant for this world. Let us know what you think of our picks in the comments down below and any you think deserve to make the list.

This article was written by guest contributor, Alex Sabini.

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