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The Best Thief Armor For Kingdom Come Deliverance Early Game

The Best Thief Armor For Kingdom Come Deliverance
Stealing is a profitable adventure, unless you get caught. This guide will tell you where to find The Best Thief Armor For Kingdom Come Deliverance Early Game so that you can hug the shadows, stay out of sight and strike for loot when the time is right.

Even wearing full plate armor, you can have some success when attempting to pick locks or pick pockets, but your profits are soon lost if you have to bribe guards or pay bounties when you are caught. Luckily, there are some ways you can greatly improve your ability to steal without getting caught. This focuses around three special stats your character has.

As explained in our stats guide, you will need to focus primarily on Visibility, Conspicuousness and Noise. These are the primary attributes you want to focus on ensuring remain low as possible to greatly increase your chances of success when performing illegal activities.

What does Visibility do?
Think of Visibility as Camouflage. 100 Visibility means you are as visible as the sun in the sky. Reducing your Visibility drastically reduces the chance of people seeing you when you are committing illegal acts.

What does Conspicuousness do?
This is your ability to blend in. Wearing brightly colored, expensive garments will make you stand out in a town of commoners and beggars. You’ll want to wear darker colored, plain clothing to ensure a good rating here.

What does Noise do?
Tied to your gear and encumbrance. Wearing chain or metal armor will cause a lot of noise. Whereas wearing soft, fabric based items will drastically reduce your noise.

The best thief armor for Kingdom Come Deliverance early game is as follows:

  • Dark Saxon Gambeson
  • Fashionable Green Hose
  • Padded Coif
  • Silent Shoes

With these items equipped you will have around 25 Visibility, 27 Conspicuousness and under 10 Noise. You can purchase all of the above in Rattay by visiting the Tailor, Armorer and Cobbler. It comes in at around 1,000 Groschen but combining our make money fast and ultimate haggling guides can make that no problem to get.

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