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Best Way To Get Food In Manor Lords

Communal Farming Is The Solution To Your Food Problems

A healthy supply of varied food types is key to building a successful region in Manor Lords, but the faithful go-to of farming struggles to keep up, so you need to be a bit more creative for your food solution.

Manor Lords features a robust farming system filled with upgrades and intricate mechanics, but seldom is it worth the effort. You need a lot of space, a lot of upgrade points, and a lot of time for farming to pay off. However, there is a better way.

Communal Farming Is The Best Source Of Food

An image showing the benefits of using Communal Farming as a food source in Manor Lords game

In order to grow your region and attract new Families, you’re going to need a strong and varied supply of food. Communal Farming is one of the best techniques to utilize if you want quick expansion of your region.

Whenever you construct a housing plot, or Burgage Plot as they are called in the game, you can extend the boundaries of the plot to include an Extensions slot.

Build Burgage Plots Big Enough To Support Communal Farming

This image shows players the correct method to use when constructing a Burgage so they have ample slots for upgrades to unlock communal farming in the game Manor Lords

The image above shows a Burgage Plot with the appropriate room to include an Extensions slot, this is shown by the roof icon with the small hammer beneath it. There is another Burgage Plot upgrade, which is a small house symbol with a + icon, but this merely supports more Families.

So, build a Burgage Plot and make sure it is large enough to support Extension options like the image above. Once constructed, you are then able to select from a variety of different Extensions.

An image showing the player the different Communal Farming expansions available via upgraded Burgage Plots in the Manor Lords game

Initially, you will be limited on the Extensions, but that’s okay. At the beginning of the game you want to focus on the Chicken Coop Extension. This particular Extension provides a constant and passive supply of eggs.

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This Extension also doesn’t require any labor or upkeep from the Family living in the house, so it doesn’t detract from their other assignments.

Another good option as a fantastic food source is the Vegetable Garden, another Extension available at Burgage Plots.

An image showing the player the required size of a Burgage Plot to get the maximum yield from the Vegetable Garden Expansion in the game Manor Lords

This one is slightly different as you want much bigger Burgage Plots, probably 2-3x times the length of a normal plot – as the size of the plot influences the yield of the harvest.

Vegetable Gardens do take labor, so they are best used in houses with larger Families, but it works fine in a normal house.

Utilizing the methods shown in this guide will give you a near infinite supply of Eggs and Vegetables that will see you through every winter and provide enough food quantity and variety to upgrade each Burgage Plot to level 2.

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