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Best Way To Learn Alien Languages Fast In No Man’s Sky

Best Way To Learn Alien Languages Fast In No Man's Sky
The universe of No Man’s Sky is filled with unique and interesting alien races that you can encounter and barter with. Sadly however the vast majority of these alien life forms don’t speak very good English. This guide will show you the best method to learn any of the alien languages quickly through the learning of words from specific members of each species.

How To Discover Alien Words Quickly In No Man’s Sky

As you travel through the universe in No Man’s Sky you will often come across members of different species such as the Gek and Korvax. Each species has their own language but you can improve your ability to communicate by discovering words. Typically these are discovered at alien runes or in some small settlements but there’s another method that works much better.

Every species has individuals you can meet that ask for your help. Some ask for materials, others ask you to make a simple choice. Some of these are then able to offer further assistance. I met a Korvax in a normal settlement and gave him some materials. I can then spend 20 Carbon to speak with him again. He offers to teach me a Gek word. I learn it and speak to him again, then he offers a shield recharge. If I take the shield recharge and then speak to him again, the Gek word option returns. Rinse and repeat.

Best Way To Learn Alien Languages Fast In No Man's Sky

Best Way To Learn Alien Languages Fast In No Man's Sky

So as you explore No Man’s Sky make sure to keep an eye out for alien species that follow the above template. I’ve found several for each so it shouldn’t take you too long to come across one. Typically it costs 20 Carbon per turn but it’s not a difficult material to find.

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