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Beyond Two Souls Guide: Hunted Guide

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As the name of the level suggests you are being hunted in this level and you will have to escape the authorities. You will see Aiden’s destructive powers in this level as well. This guide will help you get through the level with no trouble at all! Let’s get started.

Hunted Guide

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Beyond: Two Souls Hunted Guide

You will start as Aiden in a train while Jodie is sleeping. At the moment you can just mess around with other passengers until the train stops, you can wake Jodie up but she gets mad and just goes back to sleep. Once you stop and you see the cops wake Jodie up by pushing the bag onto her or knocking the water bottle on her. Once the police board you can either wait for them to come check for your id or just get to running, either way you have to run from them.

Once you start running you will hit two doors you will need to open by pressing forward on the right stick. Keep moving to the back of the train and once you get to the cart push down on the right stick to move it. After that you will hit two more doors that you will have to push forward for and then you will have to jump a bag by pressing up up on the right stick. After you jump the bag a cop will grab you and you will have to shake the controller to get him off. Through the next door a guy will come and you will have to push him out of the way by pressing left on the right stick. Once you are in the next car check any window and try to open it, Aiden will have to break it for you. As you try to get through the window a cop will grab you and you will have to shake the controller, and then press left on the right stick to hit him in the face.

Once on top of the train keep moving and try to avoid any cops climbing up to the roof. Once you have to fight one the sequence will go down and right on the right stick. Once you make it to the three cops the sequence will get a bit tricky but you can pause in between each attack, the sequence is right, right, up, right, left, left, right, right, right, right, right and right, I hit an angle on the last one and missed it but it still looked like you’d use right. After that you will get surrounded and have to jump off the train and have Aiden shield you. Once you jump off you will be in the woods and you will be running again.


While you are running one of two things will happens, you will either have to duck under a log or jump a log. If the log is on the ground you will of course jump it and if it is above the ground you will go under it, even the ones that look like you wouldn’t be able to go under she will go under. You will have a second to process which one you need to do so don’t rush it. Once you make it to the river spam R1 and L1 while moving forward with the stick to cross quicker, you will need to spam X to get out.

Once you are out of the river keep moving through the woods until you are jumped by dogs. You will have to fight them in another sequence, it will go left, right, left, right, right, then you will have to shake the controller when the dog grabs you stick and then you will have another right, and then a dog will jump on you and you can just follow the button prompts.

After you beat the dogs just run for the rock wall in front of you and start to climb it. There will be a few buttons you have to press on the way up and you will also have to use the stick to move from rock to rock. Once you make it to the top the police will try to find you by shining lights around the rocks. You will have to hold triangle until they give up searching for you, do not let it go or they will spot you. Climb the rest of the way up and you will see a blockade and gain control of Aiden. If you look behind the trucks into the woods on the opposite side of Jodie you can find a bonus. After that take control of the guy on the bike and get in one of the trucks to distract the police. Once they are distracted spam X and run to the bike to start your escape.

Once you are on the bike keep R2 held down and stay on the road. Eventually a helicopter will start chasing you and you will get a few X prompts as you keep driving. Once you hit the road block Jodie will stop and she will tell Aiden that you are going right through them. Do the button prompts then use the Aiden shield on Jodie to blast through the police blockade.


From there you will get a cut scene and once again be put in control of Aiden. You have to show your force at this part regardless of how you want to play so don’t hesitate to kill the police. First thing I did was go to the sniper on the roof who was aiming at Jodie and I threw him off the building. From there head down to the gas pumps and take the pumps off the handles to spill gas around the area. Near the pumps there are two swat guys you can take over, take over the one nearest the gas and have him shoot it to take out all the swat around that area. just keep moving on down the line and grab the swat guy near two other swat guys behind a swat van. Spam R1 with him so you can kill both of the guys around him before he dies. Next to them are some swat guys behind a car, push the car into them to kill some or at least scare them. Behind them there is a guy sitting in a swat van, take him over and crash the van. If you have the time before Jodie needs you to break the door for her snag the other sniper on the roof near where you crashed the van and take out any guys you can. Once Jodie asks you to break the door for her the Helicopter will get close enough for you to take it over and crash it.

There might be more stuff to do but I ran out of time and still beat the level with no issues. That will end the Beyond: Two Souls Hunted Guide, check back soon for more guides.

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