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Beyond: Two Souls Guide: The Embassy Guide

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The Embassy will be the first level in Beyond: Two Souls where you have some choice on how to beat the level. The object is to sneak into a safe and sneak back out without being noticed. This guide will help you get through the level without being seen! Let’s get started.

The Embassy Guide


Beyond: Two Souls The Embassy Guide

At the start of this level there will be a brief cut scene where you can select and option on what to talk about with your partner. As far as I could tell it didn’t have any effect on the mission so choose what you want. Once you are in control of Jodie head to the ladies room and enter the last stall to begin with Aiden. Go upstairs end enter the security room so you can disable the cameras before you try to get into the safe. Once you are in the security room mess with the TV the guard is watching so he is distracted, then pause the camera so you can freely get behind the painting.

From there head to the big room with the paintings inside of it, you can find a bonus in here as Aiden. Check behind the Shiek’s picture to find the safe and you will then have to look for the switch to move the painting. Go to the desk and on the right side you will see a drawer you can interact with, do so and hit the switch inside. Once the painting is removed use Aiden to open the safe by pushing the sticks toward each other. Once you get to the safe have Aiden push the book down so you can read and it will automatically switch back to Jodie.

Jodie has to write down what is in the book which will require you to push and HOLD the buttons down until she is done. First you will hold R1, followed by square and she will finish a page, then you will have to hold R1 and circle, after that page you will have to press R1 and X. After you finish that you will get a brief cut scene and then you will leave with Jodie to finish the level.

That will end the Beyond: Two Souls The Embassy Guide, but I am sure there are other ways to get through the level. If you have a different way that gets you through the level leave us a comment and we will add it to the guide and of course give you credit!

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