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Biomutant Happy To End This Early Or Let’s Continue The Crusade Choice

Biomutant Happy To End This Early Or Let's Continue The Crusade Choice
After taking your second Tribal Fort, there is another important choice. This Biomutant Happy To End This Early Or Let’s Continue The Crusade Choice guide will walk you through both decisions, explaining what happens depending on what choice you decide to make.

Biomutant is a game about splitting paths and important decisions. It is filled with choices and consequences. Some of these are very basic, merely progressing a conversation in a particular direction. Other choices can influence your Aura, whether you’re going down the path of light or dark. Others have a much greater impact on the game, going as far as to change the ending.

Biomutant Happy To End This Early Or Let’s Continue The Crusade Choice

If You Choose Happy To End This Early
If you make this choice the Sifu is pleased and the tribes all unite. There’s a cute cut-scene showing the tribes training and bonding together. This choice allows you to claim the tribal weapon of the clan after you have defeated the second Tribal Fort but you cannot claim the other Tribal Weapons from the other Tribes. After making this choice I visited the other Tribal Forts and although I could explore, interact, and shop without confrontation, I was not able to obtain any of the Tribal Weapons for those regions.

However, this does cut quite a significant portion of the game away. You will immediately ally with all remaining tribes and will no longer have to attack forts and strongholds. You gain access to all the shops, but you still have to travel to each fort manually.

If You Choose Let’s Continue The Crusade
If you make this decision, the Sifu is surprised. He is surprised that you chose to continue the war against the other tribes when you have the option to end it early. This choice allows you to continue the conquest of the other tribes, adding more forts and outposts for you to conquer. You can also continue to claim the other Tribe Weapons from making this choice.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. If the repetition of taking all the forts and towers has become a bore, you can choose the first choice and avoid doing any further content in that particular field. Otherwise, especially if you want additional weapons for your arsenal, the second choice adds more content to the experience.

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