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Bioshock Infinite Guide: Audio Log Location Guide

Bioshock Infinite Guide

Any fan of Bioshock will know what the audio logs are and also know how much they can add to the story. In Bioshock Infinite it is no different and they have a ton of them in the game to find. This guide will help you find them as you go so you can get the full experience of the game. Let’s get started.

Bioshock Infinite Audio Log Location Guide
This is being done as I go so if you find one I missed please leave a comment so I can add it!


Audio Log 1 – Lady Comstock
Once you arrive in Columbus you will walk near a guy in a white outfit. Instead of going past him check the room to the left of him and then check the altar on the right side of the room for the log.

Audio Log 2 – Zachary Hale Comstock
After you wait for the bridge to lower and cross it you will see a grocery store. If you look left you will see some steps you can go up, take those steps and head to the flower store. If you look down the steps past the flower store you will see a table, on that table you can get this log.

Audio Log 3 – Constance Field
After you leave the carnival area you will come across a large statue that looks like Elizabeth, check the bench underneath the statue for the log.

Audio Log 4 – Jeremiah Fink
After the raffle event you will pass by a couple of cages and in between those cages you can get the log. This is where I found the cop with the pistol as well.

Audiolog Locations

Audio Log 5 – Ed Gaines
Once you enter the blue ribbon restaurant you will meet up with the lady and the gentlemen. Take the shield from the lady and enter the kitchen, to the left you can see this log.

Audio Log 6 – Byron Cotswold
After you escape the air ships and drop down into a resident through the windows above the ceiling, go down stairs and into a room with a chest. Check the shelf to the left or the bed for the log.

Audio Log 7 – Preston E. Downs
After you get done clearing the two houses you will be back outside with the police looking for you. Clear out the police and check the center for a stage, on the stage you can get the log.

Audio Log 8 – Zachary Hale Comstock
Once you enter the order of the Raven building go left and into the bar. The guys here will start to shoot at you so clear them out and check the bar for the log.

Audio log 9 – Zachary Hale Comstock
Once you make it to the Order of the Raven building and clear out all the people inside, check the booths near where Crow was preaching for the next log.

Ice Cream

Audio Log 10 – First Zealot
This is after you take the elevator from the Order of the Raven building. Once you enter the room with the projector and the round table enter the room on the left. On a desk in there you will find the log.

Audio Log 11 – Zachary Hale Comstock
After you ride the skyline for the first time you will drop off right before hitting a Gondola. Kill the guard in this area and search in the back corner for a desk with the log on it.

Audio Log 12 – Ty Bradley
Once you enter the building on Monument Island, check the locker that is open for this log.

Audio Log 13 – Ty Bradley
While still inside the building on Monument island you will pass through a siphon room. Once past there check left for a metal door that says must remain closed at all time, enter and the log is on a desk.

Audio Log 14 – Zachary Hale Comstock
Still in the building on Monument Island and past the metal door you will enter a room that a large siphon machine running. On the desk before you go down the steps you can see the log.

Audio Log 15 – Rosalinda Lutece
This log is on the chair in the third room where you are watching Elizabeth, or should I say creeping on her? You will see her in the Library.


Audio Log 16 – Ed Gaines
After your first encounter with the Songbird you will wake up on a beach. From there head up the beach until you see a cart and under the cart is the log.

Audio Log 17 – Zachary Hale Comstock
Once you enter the area with the guy giving away free cotton candy check for a hallway labeled whites. Go down that hallway and enter the men’s restroom for the log.

Audio Log 18 – Esther Mailer
After you try to get some ticket at the Gondola station you will have to clear out some enemies. Once you do that go through the gate and head right into a room with a log on a desk.

Audio Log 19 – Zachary Hale Comstock
While pursuing Elizabeth the game will want you to enter a room with two shock jockey signs. Instead go past that room and into the door at the end of the hall, down the steps is the audio log and cash.

Audio Log 20 – Daisy Fitzroy
This log is found in the room right after the second Gondola ride, in the locked room that you need to have Elizabeth open. Go to the back of the room and check the open safe for the log.

Audio Log 21 – Zachary Hale Comstock
Once you arrive at Soldier field go check the ice cream store for this audio log.

Audio Log 22 – Rosalind Lutece
While still in Soldier field go check the book store for this log.

Audio Log 23 – Sgt. Leander Manley
While on your way to the Hall of Heroes you will come across a group of soldiers talking. To the left of them you should see a bar called the Fellow Traveler, inside in the back kitchen you can find this log.

Audio Log 24 – Lance Cpl Vivian Monroe
Across the street in the building with the large Tickets sign above it you can find this log at the top of the stairs.

Audio Log 25 – Daisy Fitzroy
This is part of the find the Cipher Side quest, here is our guide Side Quest Guide

Audio Log 26 – Lady Comstock
After going through the two battle scenes in the Hall of Heroes you will enter the main chamber, to the right you will find this log in a chair.

Audio Log 27 – Capt. Cornelius Slate
When you finally confront Slate he will be using the shock Vigor to make it so you can’t hurt him in the courtyard. He will send soldiers at you and when the dust settles a door on the left side of the courtyard will be open. Inside of that room you will find this log.

Audio Log 28 – Preston E. Downs
You will need Shock Jockey to get this one. Once you get back to Soldier field you can enter the hotel in the area. Look for the sky hook to connect to and jump up and drop down on the ledge, shock the jockey switch and you can head inside.

Audio Log 29 – Hattie Gerst
After getting tossed out of your air ship check the bulding on the left for this audio log.

Audio Log 30 – Lance Cpl. Vivian Monroe
While you are chasing Elizabeth yet again she will run through a wall and get captured. Look in the back left corner for a desk with the log on it.

Audio Log 31 – Jeremiah Fink
Once you enter the main office of Jeremiah Fink, check behind his counter to find this log on a table.

Audio Log 32 – Capt Cornelius Slate
After Elizabeth checks Slate’s locker check it yourself for the log.

Audio Log 33 – Daisy Fitzroy
Once you enter Chen Lin gunsmith, look on the counter for the log.

Audio Log 34 – Jeremiah Fink
In the Good Time club, behind the curtain in the room with the three mirrors.

Audio Log 35 – Zachary Hale Comstock
Once you get into the Good Time club’s basement you will pass a projector showing an interrogation. In the room right after that you will find this log on a stool.

Audio Log 36 – Lance Cpl Vivian Monroe
You get this one as a side quest reward, Side Quest Guide

Audio Log 37 – Daisy Fitzroy
In the bar in Shantytown head to the basement and this log is on the desk.

Audio Log 38 – Daisy Fitzroy
After you make a tear in the Police station head up the stairs and you will pass this as you leave.

Audio Log 39 – Booker DeWitt
After you use the tear in the Police station you will go back to the weapon shop and this will be on the table inside.

Audio Log 40 – Jeremiah Fink
After you clear out the factory and take the elevator up you will come to a door that needs to be lock picked. Look right for a table with this audio log on it.

Audio Log 41 – Booker DeWitt
After Elizabeth confronts Daisy check the room on the right for this log.

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The Bioshock Infinite Audio Log Location Guide is being updated as I go so be sure to check back soon for updates! As usual if you know one I missed leave a comment with the name and location and we will be sure to add it!

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