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Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Guide: Gear Location

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The Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea DLC has some hidden gear you might want to find. This guide will help you find all the gear you will need to finish the first episode of the DLC. Let’s get started.

Gear Location Guide


Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Gear Location Guide

Filthy Leech – With these equipped you will get some Eve back whenever you kill an enemy with a plasmid. While you are going to visit Rapture on ice you will come across an auto turret and a splicer. Kill both of them and behind the turret you will find this gear.

Better Mousetrap – With this on you will have stronger Plasmid traps that cost you less Eve. You can find this gear in the Daily Bread which you will need to unlock with a lock pick. Once you are inside go down the steps and kill the splicers, next to the bar counter you can find the gear. You can also find an Infusion here on the upstairs bar.

Evil Eye – This hat will increase your weapon damage as long as you are aiming down the sights, it will stack with kills up to 5 times. Once you enter the Workman’s Wear check the counter for this hat.

– With these on you will reload 30% faster. After you exit the air lock go over to Ladieswear and you can find these pants inside the shoe store, the door code is 0928.

High and Mighty – These boots will sometimes net you a damage buff and shield when you use freight hooks and penumo lines. The gear can be found in Jack Frost’s Village, in the souvenir shop. You will need to use the shock jockey Plasmid in order to open the door.

Magic Bullet – This shirt will make your critical shots do more damage and on occasion it will save you the bullet. After you get the Old Man Winter Plasmid go back to the broken elevator and use the Shock Jockey to power it up. Take it down and when it stops look under the elevator to find the gear.

Death Benefit – Using these pants will let you get hp per each melee kill, executions will give you more hp. Once you cross the ice bridge and enter the tram area you can find this piece of gear on one of the pillars near a corpse.

Surprise Element – This hat will give your bullets a 50% chance to do ice, fire, or electric damage. Once you get to the customer service desk go right and you can find a door that takes a lock pick. Inside there on the counter you will find this hat.

Roar To Life – With this shirt on when you lose your shield your damage will increase for 5 seconds and your clip will instantly reload. While you are closing the vents you will cross a ice bridge to an exit. Once you get off the bridge look left for an office with the shirt in it.

That will end the Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Gear Location Guide, if you know one I missed leave a comment so I can add it!

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