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Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Guide: Infusion Location Guide

Bioshock DLC

Infusions make a return in Burial at Sea and getting them will make your journey much easier. This guide will help you find all the Infusions as you go through the DLC. Let’s get started.

Infusion Location

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Dive dive dive

Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Infusion Location Guide

Infusion 1 – Once you have an extra lock pick go open up the Daily Bread bar and go inside. You can look behind the bar to find your first Infusion. You can also find a piece of gear, some cash and a Tommy gun in here if you do some looking around.

Infusion 2 – Once you go through the airlock head into Ladieswear and look right and you will see a jewelry store. Head in there and kill all the enemies and you can find the Infusion in a room with two mannequins with dresses on. Now I am not sure if you have to open the door behind that area with three lock picks or not. I opened the door first and when I came out I noticed the Infusion.

Infusion 3 – This can be found in Fontaine’s Plasmids on the floor above the broken elevator. Once you are inside look down below to see a safe and a couple of enemies sitting by it. Charge up your Devil’s kiss and toss it down on top of them to finish them quickly. Head down there and you will need to have three lock picks to open the safe.

That will end the <strong>Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Infusion Location Guide</strong>, if you know any I missed leave a comment!

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  1. You forgot the one that’s in the Pret-a-Porter clothing store. It’s in the very back, in one of the dressing rooms. You’ll need Old Man Winter to freeze the bridge, in order to enter the store. That’s the last one. It really blows there are only 4 infusions=/

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