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Bioshock Infinite Guide: Infusion Location guide

Bioshock Infinite Guide

In Bioshock Infinite you will want to find as many Infusions as possible to ensure you are unkillable. There are various ways to get the Infusions and the more you have the better off you will be. This guide will help you find them as you go ensuring you are as strong as possible throughout the game. Let’s get started.
Bioshock Infinite Infusion Location Guide

Going Down

I am doing this as I go so if you know one I missed be sure to leave a comment!

Infusion 1
After you clear out the Order of the Raven, check the altar where Crow was near for your first infusion. Pick what you want to upgrade and move on.

Infusion 2
Also at that alter you will find a key to the located chest in the first house you entered, go back to that house and open the chest for another infusion. Be ready some more police will be on the path to the house.

Infusion 3
When you finally get the chance to ride on the sky lines with your you will eventually pass a small platform with a guard on it. Drop down to that platform and kill both the guards, in the back near all the beer you can get the infusion.

Infusion 4
Once you make it to the second Gondola station you will have to talk to a man about some tickets and you can see the Infusion behind him. After you clear out the room head through the gate and down the hall, once you see some steps take them down for the buff.

Infusion 5
This one can be found in the Hall of Heroes and down the left stairs, through the locked door. Have Elizabeth pick the lock with the pick right next to the door. This is the area right after the second Gondola ride.

Infusion 6
This is got from the find the Cipher side quest, our side quest guide can be found here Side Quest Guide

Infusion 7
After you first encounter Slate in the Hall of Heroes he will send some soldiers to kill you. go through the door that they came through and on the desk in the back you will find the juice.

Infusion 8
Once you enter the First Lady Airship look to the right for a desk with the infusion on it.

Infusion 9
When you get to the point where Elizabeth is captured by two soldiers kill the troops and enter the door behind them. Inside one of the cells you can grab the infusion.

Infusion 10
In the main office of Jeremiah Fink you will come across a locked door that takes 5 lock picks. Open that door and inside you will find the infusion.

Infusion 11
Inn the Good Time Club on the lower level there will be a door that leads to a bar, on the bar is the vial.

Infusion 12
Another side quest infusion, Side Quest Guide

Infusion 13/14
These are both inside the Police station and one of them is another side quest, Side Quest Guide. The other one is on the second floor in the in the room next to the Vox poster, it will take 5 lock picks to open the door.

Infusion 15
After you use the tear in the Police station head back up like you are going to leave Shantytown. Before you do though go past the large crowd chanting Vox and you will see the infusion vial.

Infusion 16
After Elizabeth confronts Daisy check the left room for the vial.

Infusion 17
After Elizabeth tells you about her relationship with the song bird you will enter a room with a few scalps hanging from a sign. To the left of that there is a room with the requies 3 lock picks to open, in there in a tub is the infusion.

Infusion 18. 19
Another couple side quest Infusions, Side Quest Guide

Infusion 20
Once you make it to the third tear for the main story mission, head up the stairs inside the Laboratory Lutece and you will see this one a table.

Infusion 21
After Elizabeth calls in a tornado you will be going to the Prophet’s airship. Before you pick the lock that takes no picks look behind you for one that takes 3, inside there you will find the infusion.

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That will end the Bioshock Infinite Infusion Location Guide, check back soon for updates!

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