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Bioshock Infinite Guide: Kinetoscope Location guide

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Throughout Bioshock Infinite you will come across these things called Kinetoscopes which tell you a small story. They are scattered throughout the whole game and finding them all will net you the a trophy/achievement called Sightseer. This guide will help you find them as you go, so let’s get started.

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Bioshock Infinite Kinetoscope Guide

This is being done as I go so if you know one I missed leave a comment and I will add it!

Kinetoscope 1
Once you make it to the large statue of a man with a sword, a bunch of buildings will float down and connect to the main part of the platform. From there head into the Hudson’s and look to the left of the cash register for the scope.

Kinetoscope 2
After you cross the sky bridge you will see a grocery store that has some food and a few silver eagles inside. To the left of that, outside the store, you will find the next scope.

Telescope 1
These seem to count towards the same achievement so I’ll add these as well. Once you finally make it to the statue go left and down the steps to see the telescope, use it and leave.

Kinetoscope 3
Once you make it to the man showing off the plasmids, look in the opposite direction to see the scope on the wall.

Kinetoscope 4,5,6
Once you enter the blue ribbon restaurant these will be right next to each other and literally right in front of where you spawn, check them all before you leave.

Heads or Tails?

Kinetoscope 7
After going through a couple of people’s homes you will eventually be back out on the street. Out here the police will be searching for you so clear them out first. After that head back to the house you just left and go up the steps next to it, around the corner from the tent you can find the scope.

Kinetoscope 8
Once you enter the Gondola station look right and you can see this one against the wall.

Kinetoscope 9
After you rescue Elizabeth you will end up on a beach. Once you get off the beach you will go through a little building and against the wall in that building is the next scope.

Kinetocscope 10, 11, 12
After you go talk to that married couple from the start of the game you will enter what looks like a casino/arcade with a kids playing and a guy giving away free cotton candy. If you go to the main desk and look across from it you will see the three machines lined up.

Kinetoscope 14
While still in the casino area look around for a hallway that has whites posted over it. Go down that hallway and you can see the scope.

Telescope 2
After you catch back up with Elizabeth and explain to her why you had to kill people you will get off the Gondola, at the top of the stairs you can use the telescope.

Kinetoscope 15
In the hall of Heroes at the bottom of the steps on the right you can find this scope. This area is right after the second Gondola ride.

Kinetoscope 16
Once you pass under the sign saying Welcome to Soldiers field take a left and you will see the scope at the end of a walkway.

Kinetoscope 17
While on your way to the Hall of Heroes you will pass a building with a large sign above it saying Tickets. Inside that building to the left you can find the next scope.

Kinetoscope 18
Before you enter the Hall of Heroes look right to see the scope.

Kinetoscope 19, 20
After using Elizabeth’s tear for the first time you will enter a room with two vending machines and two Kinetoscopes, check them before advancing.

Kinetoscope 21
Once you leave the courtyard and enter the room with the Washington robot, check near the counter for a scope.

Telescope 3
After Elizabeth rescues you from falling to your death check the left side of the platform for a telescope.

Kintoscope 22
At the top of the stairs in the Good Time club.

Good Luck

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That will end the Bioshock Infinite Kinetoscope Guide for now, check back soon for updates!

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