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Bioshock Infinite Guide: Side Quest Guide

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Side quests in Bioshock Infinite are few and far between but they are worth doing. Sometimes all you get is cash but other times you will get the important Infusion flask. This guide will help you find all the side quests and beat them with no trouble at all. Let’s get started.

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Bioshock Infinite Side Quest Guide

If you know one I missed leave a comment and I will be sure to add it!

Side Quest 1 – Find the Key
Fairly early in the game you enter a residence with a civilian inside who says he is with you. If you go into his bedroom you will find a locked chest that needs a key. The key is not in the house or even the area. Keep going until you enter a building with the Cult of the Raven banners everywhere. Inside here you will enter a room where a Crow is talking to a bunch of fanatics and you will have to kill the fanatics. On the Altar where Crow was speaking you can find the key to open the chest. You will have to work your way back and fight a few more enemies but you will get a good reward.

Side Quest 2 – Find the Cipher
While heading to the Hall of Heroes you can enter a bar called The Fellow Traveler. In one of the restrooms Elizabeth will notice some writing on the wall and tell you she can’t read it unless you find a Cipher. Cross the street and enter the building with the large Tickets sign above it. Inside in the cannon you can find the code book. Go back to the code on the wall and Elizabeth will read it ” Tip the Hat to Vox”. Check the next restroom for a hat and click it to find a hidden room and your reward.

Side Quest 3 –Find the Cipher
Just like the last one you will need to find the code book but this time you are in Finkerton. The quest is actually to the right of the auctioneer and through the opening in the wall. You will need to pick the lock to get inside and Elizabeth will point out the markings. You will need to progress a bit further in the story to actually get the book so keep going until you reach the Good Time club.

Once in there you will eventually find out where Chen’s cell is. Have Elizabeth pick the lock and you will enter a room with a giant disposal sign hanging up. On some crates near some signs that say Chen-Lin on therm you will find the book. Head back to the code and you will have to set a clock to midnight. Be sure to go back before you progress to far in the story!

Side Quest 4 –Find the box to unlock
This quest can be got once you get to Shantytown. Head to the bar at the bottom of the steps in Shantytown and in the basement there you can play the guitar. After that check around for a box that has a set of keys on it. These keys will be used in the Police station in a bit.

Once you get into the Police station clear out all the enemies and head up to the second floor. In the office in the back left room you will find the chest that the keys go to, use it for a infusion vial.

Side Quest 5 – Investigate the Bar
This quest is got in the Founder’s Book store which is passed on your way to the Comstock house. Elizabeth will make a remark asking if you want to check the store out before proceeding through the turnstile, it will be to the left when she says that. You will need one lock pick to open the door and in the basement there is an audio log that says there is a stash in a bar. You may or may not have already been to this bar, it is called The Salty Oyster. Back track until you see the large blue sign and if you haven’t been inside yet it will take three lock picks to open. Once inside go to the register and press to button underneath it to open the closet door for a nice reward, including the return to send vigor!

Side Quest 6 – Find the Cipher
Yup another find the Cipher quest. This one is found while you are looking for three tears and you are on the way to find the second one. You will take a elevator down to the main part of the Comstock bank and down there you will fight some enemies, after you clear them out we can start the quest. Once you make it to the vault door head left and follow it all the way back until you can take a few steps, at the top of those steps on the desk is where you start the side quest.

Once you exit the bank head to the left and have Elizabeth open the gate to the Market district. Head into Hudson’s and go down the stairs to find the code book. Now head back to the code in the bank and you will be able to use the type writer. Part of the wall will open and you will get a nice reward!

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That will end the Bioshock Infinite Side Quest Guide, check back soon for updates!

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