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Bioshock Infinite Guide: Vigor Location Guide

Bioshock Infinite Guide

In Bioshock Infinite you get what is called Vigor instead of Plasmids. Like the previous games these will give you various powers and are needed to beat the game. This guide will help you get them all as you go as well as help you find the upgrades. Let’s get started.

Bioshock Elizabeth

Bioshock Infinite Vigor Location Guide

I am doing this as I go and really you can’t miss them but some people like a list anyways.

Vigor 1 – Possession
This vigor is first got at the fair and is needed to progress in the story. Talk to the woman talking about charming people and you will drink a potion she has and after you trip a little you will have the power. This ability is used to make certain machines cooperate with you like vending machines or the ticket machine in the case of the story.

Possession Upgrade 1
After you get the pistol and sky hook you will pass by a vending machine near two cages, in this vending machine you can get the upgrade for 50$. This upgrade allows you to possess humans who will kill themselves after it expires.

Possession Upgrade 2
After you have Elizabeth use her tear for the first time you will enter room with a Vigor vending machine, that vending machine has the upgrade. This one is very useful because the possession Vigor takes a TON of salt.

Vigor 2 – Devil’s Kiss
This is acquired after you kill the fire man, loot his body for the power. This is just like a fire grenade you can toss it and it will explode after a couple of seconds, you can also place it as a trap.
when using this vigor be sure to keep an eye out for oil spots you can set on fire.

Devil’s Kiss Upgrade 1
This can be found at the vending machine inside the Gondola station. It is pretty pricey but makes your fire burst into clusters kind of like Cole’s electric grenades from Infamous.

Devil’s Kiss Upgrade 2
After Elizabeth gets captured again you will end up in a room with jail cells and two vending machines, one of the vending machines has the damage upgrade.

Vigor 3 – Murder of Crows
This cannot be missed and is acquired after you beat Crow. I used my gun to kill him but if you lay some fire traps around he will burn himself out and you can save ammo. As you saw before you entered the room with Crow the birds basically just rip people apart.

Murder of Crows Upgrade 1
Also found at the vending machine inside the Gondola station. This one basically makes it so your Murder of Crows will set a trap on any corpse created by the crows, also quite expensive.

Bioshock Big Daddy

Vigor 4 – Bucking Bronco
This is found in the Hall of Heroes on the way to find the Shock Jockey, it can also be bought very early in the game from a vendor if you had the money. This move knocks them in the air leaving them helpless for you to do as you wish.

Bucking Bronco Upgrade 1
After Elizabeth gets captured again you will end up in a room with jail cells and two vending machines, one of the vending machines has the damage upgrade.

Vigor 5 – Shock Jockey
This Vigor is acquired after you defeat Slate in the Hall of Heroes. This is the electric type of Vigor and like the others you can either use it as a burst attack or as a trap. You can also use this Vigor to power up various Shock Jockey points around Columbus.

Vigor 6 – Charge
This vigor is gotten after you use the tear in the police station and exit Shantytown. Before you go out into the open where a sniper is go into that little room and in the center you get this power. This will let you dash towards enemies and hit them, even at a far distance.

Vigor 7 – Undertow
This Vigor is got after you take the elevator up from the factory and before you use a lock pick to open the door. Check on the floor right before it and wash your enemies away with a surge of water!

Vigor 8 – Return to Sender
This one is got during the side quest Investigate the Bar, Side Quest Guide. This is a shield vigor that will take extra damage for you or if you charge it, it will absorb damage and shoot it back at enemies!

Vigor Upgrade – ALL
On your way to Comstock house you will go through a area called beggars alley. At the end of this alley there is a vigor vending machine that has all the Vigor upgrades!

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That will end the Bioshock Infinite Vigor Location Guide, check back soon for updates!

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