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Bioshock Inifinte Guide: Gear Location Guide

Bioshock Infinite Guide

In Bioshock Infinite you actually get some gear that you can find and equip that will give you various bonuses. This gear is scattered all over the game and you will ultimately have a ton of different options to pick from in the end. This guide will help you find it all as you go. Let’s get started.


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Bioshock Infinite Gear Location Guide

This is being done as I go so if you know one I missed leave a comment and I will add it!

DLC/Pre Order Gear
This is found in the Blue Ribbon Restaurant one the table next to the lady. Be sure to loot it before you leave or you will miss it!

Fire Bird
These pants are found after you leave the Order of the Raven building and enter a room with a round table and projector shooting one eye onto the wall. Look left and to see a book shelf that you can push, behind that in the glass case are the pants.

Burning Halo
After you beat Crow go up the stairs and search next to the broken vending machine for this hat. Clearly the game wants you to set people on fire.

Sky-Line Reloader
This is found after the beach part on your way to board the first lady airship. When you go past the Irish & Colored rest rooms you will meet back up with that married couple from earlier, to the right of them you can find the pants.

Vampire’s Embrace
This is found after you take the elevator down to the Hall of Heroes and through the locked door on the left. Have Elizabeth pick the lock and you can find this on a desk inside.

This is found one your way to the Hall of Heroes. Once you make it back outside and see some soldiers talking, look right to see a giant sign that says Tickets. Clear out all the enemies and enter that building. In the back you will find a door that takes 3 lock picks, inside there you will find the gear.

Sky-line Accuracy
While in the Hall of Heroes you can take two paths, one Wounded Knee and the other The Boxer Rebellion.Enter the Boxer Rebellion and when you see a door marker employees online enter it and check the desk for the gear.
Nitro Vest

Elizabeth Bioshock

Now head to the Battle of Wounded Knee and check they employees only room there for this piece of gear.

Sheltered Life
You will need to have Shock Jockey to get this one. Once you return to Soldier field go to the Soldier field hotel and sky hook to one of the points on the hotel. From there shock the jockey point and the door will open, inside is the hat.

Brittle Skinned
After the handyman tosses you and you almost fall to your death Elizabeth will end up saving you. Check the Gondola on the platform you end up on for a locked door, inside the door you will find these pants.

Coat of Harms
In the Good Time Club on the second floor, enter the room up there to see this on the desk.

Ghost Posse
In the basement of the Good Time Club you will find a cell that takes 5 lock picks to open, inside there you will find this piece of gear.

Pick One

Hill Runners Hat
On the way to the police station in Shantytown you will pass by a broken robot with the wood heer above it. Next to the robot is the hat.

Last Man Standing
These are found in the Police station on the second floor in the room next to the Vox poster, it will take 5 lock picks to open the door.

Angry Stompers
Once you take the factory with the Vox you will have to clear out a room with a few guards and a rocket turret. Once you clear that room the next room will have this gear near a tipped over chair.

Death From Above
After you listen to Elizabeth talk about her relationship with the Song Bird she will pick a lock and you will enter a room with some scalps on a sign. If you look above the door you came in she can make a tear so you can jump onto a platform above. On that platform you will find this.

This is got on the way to the Comstock house inside the book store that Elizabeth points out. She will say something like those turnstiles are one way let’s check out the book store first. It will take one pick to open and the gear is on the table.

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That will end the Bioshock Infinite Gear location guide, check back soon for updates!

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