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Blair Witch (Game) Red Tapes Camera Clues Guide

Blair Witch (Game) Red Tapes Camera Clues Guide
Red Tapes you discover allow you to shape reality. This Blair Witch (Game) Red Tapes Camera Clues Guide quickly breaks down each of the clue puzzle sections that involve red tapes you can discover, telling you how to quickly solve the puzzle and move on.

Whenever you find a Red Tape put it into your camera recorder. It plays a small scene. During the scene specific events that manipulate your immediate environment. You need to identify and isolate these specific points in order to complete the clues for the Red Tape and move on.

Blair Witch (Game) Red Tapes Camera Clues Guide

Red Tape #1 – Clue
This Red Tape is the first you find, at the camp. You need to stop the tape at around 0:05 seconds so that the toy police car appears on the floor.

Red Tape #2 – Breadcrumb Trail
Bullet helps you find this after you discover the Bunker. Stop the footage at approximately 00:11, when the kid drops the baseball on the floor. You’ll then be able to find the baseball on the floor outside the bunker.

Red Tape #3 – Breadcrumb Trail
A short while after the bunker you will come across a fallen tree blocking your path. Checking the same video, stop it at approximately 00:02 while standing near the tree and it will disappear.

Red Tape #4 – The Amicicide
This is where you witness the murder. You want to stop the video around 00:13, before the killer picks up the shovel. You can then find the shovel in reality and show it to Bullet.

Red Tape #5 – The Burial
You need to stop this tape around 00:12, just before he pushes down the rock. Not far from the camp, you’ll find the rock standing.

Red Tape #6 – The Machine
This is the one at the Camps before the Sawmill. Firstly, stop the tape at around 45 seconds so you can enter the shed at Camp A. After you have all the parts for the puzzle and you return to Camp A, stop the video after the fire is started. If you need more help with this area, check out our Blair Witch Sawmill Puzzle guide.

Red Tape #7- The Chase
Once you arrive at the Sawmill you’ll find a tape on a table inside. Play the tape until around the 00:25 second mark. This opens both the exterior door to the larger building and the interior door where the victim runs to hide.

Red Tape #8- The Ruin
Once you’ve found the door with the symbol on the front, stop the tape at 00:19. Much later in the house, you will need to use it again to clear debris. It’s an easy spot, you can’t miss it.

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