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Blair Witch (Game) Sawmill Puzzle Guide

Blair Witch (Game) Sawmill Puzzle Guide
The Sawmill Puzzle can be a frustrating part of the game. This Blair Witch (Game) Sawmill Puzzle Guide tells you how to find the final part of the puzzle so you can figure out the solution and move on to new areas in the game.

This guide is for the puzzle at the Sawmill. You arrive shortly after finding a cart you can use so you can traverse the tracks. When you first arrive you are at Camp A. In Camp A is a red tape, play the red tape. Stop the tape at around 45 seconds so you can enter the shed at Camp A. That’s it here, for now.

Blair Witch (Game) Sawmill Puzzle Guide

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From Camp A follow the track next to the log that’s blocking your way. This will take you to the Maintenance Shed. Part of the shed has been destroyed, blocking your passage. There is a small hole in the side of the shed but that’s useless. You must walk around to the back of the shed and look through the window. You will see a small pressure gauge on the floor. Look at it and you will be able to command Bullet to fetch it for you.

Once you have the Pressure Gauge, return to the tracks and continue to Camp B. Once you arrive at Camp B follow the dirt path through the broken logs and branches up to the top. At the top is a large, fallen log that you can use to walk across and reach the Steam Donkey. You will find the turning wheel you require still attached on one side of the Steam Donkey.

Return to Camp A and back to the first Steam Donkey. Add the Pressure Valve and the turning wheel. Make sure that the Red Tape for this area is stopped at approximately 00:13, this will cause the fire to light. Then, using the turning wheel, make sure the pressure remains in the green until the log is move.

That’s how you solve the Sawmill Puzzle in Blair Witch.

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