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Bloodborne Guide: Cleric Beast Boss Guide

Bloodborne Guide: Cleric Beast Boss Guide
The Cleric Beast is the first boss you will encounter in Bloodborne. While he isn’t super difficult he can kill you very quickly if you don’t watch what you are doing. This Cleric Beast Boss guide will help you burn him down on your first try!

How To Beat The Cleric Beast In Bloodborne

The Cleric Beast has some very basic attacks you will want to watch out for.

First off he likes to jump around alot. Typically he puts his big arm on the ground and leaps at you if you are to far away. When you see him starting to leap you should run towards him and roll under the leap.

Secondly he will try to grab you if you are right in front of him. If he gets his hands on your expect alot of damage or an insta death. This is best avoided by not fighting right in front of him.

He also does this move where he smashes his big arm into the ground and red aura starts to surround him. I’m not sure what this does because I went on the offensive when he did that and staggered him. If you see him doing it you should just try to break his guard to avoid any unpleasantness.

He also does normal swipes and combos when he is close enough to hit you.

Cleric Beast Boss Fight

You should bring 20 Blood Vials and as many Moltovs as you can to make this fight alot easier on yourself. I’m not 100% sure that his weakness is fire but they were doing massive chunks of his HP compared to what my Saw Blade was doing. Don’t forget to finish you combos with a gunshot! NEVER stand directly in front of him while hitting him or else he will end you easily. It might be worth testing the Torch out on him to see if it does alot of damage or not, I didn’t get to try it.

When the fight starts he will drop down from the Cathedral and start swinging. Get yourself a bit of distance and if you have a shot toss a Moltov at him. You should be ready to dodge because a leap will be coming. Once he leaps get behind him and start a combo. I would normally get 3-4 hits on him and back out before he would take a swipe at me. Remember to keep moving around him so you aren’t directly in front of him.

He will keep circling and swinging on you. After your combo you should get some distance and heal up if you need to. He will leap again but you will be ready for it. The idea is to get in there and hit him, run back out, let him leap, and hit him some more. Keep doing this until he does the thing were he starts to glow red. Once he is glowing ready you need to hit him with a massive combo to stagger him. Once he is staggered feel free to use another combo or a Moltov to really do some damage. Once he recovers repeat the combo/dodge routine to finish him.

The biggest issue I had fighting him was being cornered. Do not put yourself in a spot that you can’t get out of quickly. He hits hard but ultimately you can survive 2-3 of his hits without dying. Once he is down go back to the Hunter’s Dream for a couple of new rewards and the ability to upgrade!

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