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Bloodborne Guide: Father Gascoigne Boss Guide

Bloodborne Guide: Father Gascoigne Boss Guide
The second boss you will encounter in Bloodborne is Father Gascoigne. The battle starts easy but quickly becomes difficult against this former hunter. This guide will help you bring down Father Gascoigne without to much trouble.

Bloodborne Father Gascoigne Boss Guide

He will start off with a Hunter Axe and a Blunderbuss as his weapons. What he normally does is a combo that ends with a Blunderbuss shot. He will also use the Axe to knock you into the air so he can swing on you while you are down. The Blunderbuss is hard to dodge but the Axe swings are easy to avoid. Try to limit your combos or else he will counter with a Blunderbuss shot.

Once he gets to about 30% hp he will change into a demon, this is where the fight gets hard. He only has a couple of attacks but he hits so fast ans so hard that getting caught up in it means death. First off he has like a 6 hit combo that ends with a slam attack(if you get caught by this you are dead). Sometimes you get lucky and he will only strike one but that is rare. He can also do a leaping attack that is normally followed up by his rage combo to finish you. You can dodge it if you time it right. I would normally dodge him to the left when he was swinging his right arm.

Bloodborne Father Gascoigne Boss Guide

Try to get someone to help you if you can. Make sure you bring plenty of Blood Vials to keep yourself topped off. Once Gascoigne turns into a monster you need to be at 100% hp constantly or else he will finish you with his super fast combos. If you get hit just run up the stairs and down the ledge to heal up, he should fall behind on the chase giving you enough time to heal.

When the fight starts you should see a tree to you left near some tombstones. You should fight here and use it as cover when you need to heal and dodge him. His Blunderbuss can still get through the tree but his body can’t which will prevent some of his melee attacks from getting to you. Just watch out for his leap attack, that can still hit you behind the tree. After he strikes and you dodge that is when you should go in for a combo. He will normally push you back with his Blunderbuss, so heal up as you need to.

Once he loses enough hp he will go to the two handed Axe. He can knock you into the air with his Axe at this point and really do some damage. The tree still works as something to run around while he is striking, you’ll just have to move a bit more. Same as before you let him do his combo and then wail on him. Be ready to move when you get him to 30% HP.

Once he gets down to 30% HP the fight gets really difficult really quickly. First off you should dodge because him changing will hurt you and push you back. If you need to heal you should run up the steps and fall down the ledge on the other side. The chase should slow him down enough for you to heal up. He can do a leap attack, so move away from the ledge a bit so he doesn’t just jump on you. When he starts his crazy combo up you should be ready to dodge. In between swings you will have enough time to dodge right past one of his arms. dodge past the arm that isn’t swinging and once you are behind him do some damage. He gets alot more armor at this point so bringing him down will take more time. At this point it’s more about dodging his attacks then landing your own. If you can dodge his combos you can put some damage on him and finish him.

Once the Father is down you can move on with the game.

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