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Borderlands 2 Guide: The Fridge Side Quest Guide

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I really do not like this zone. Here you fight the Rats and they like to jump around and get in your face. Expect some heavy resistance while side questing here. This guide will help you find them all and beat them in no time! Let’s go.

The Fridge Side Quests

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Hey yall Its Scooter!

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – The Cold Shoulder

This quest is got from Scooter in Sanctuary. Warp yourself to the Fridge and the first part of the quest is right through the big metal door.The first objective is to find the girl mags. Pretty simple go to the first objective marker and clear out the enemies. Inside the broken cars in the way point you can find all three magazines.Now you need to collect the flowers. Head to the next way point and drop down the the area with the cystalisks. Here you need to find 5 flowers. They stand out in the snow and have red stalks.

After you get the 5 flowers you need to get some food. Head over to the way point to find a pizza van. Four of the pieces of pizza are simple and around the van. The other one is across a little gap from the van. If you go onto the broken wall next to the van and look on the opposite side on some more cement looking pieces you can see it. You need to go around and drop off from the bridge up top.Head to the last way point and be ready for a fight. Place the pizza and the flowers and she will pop out. I tossed my turret and used a couple grenades on her. Shortly after that a bunch of runts started swarming me. I dropped so quick and out of no where. After that I pulled out my rocket launcher and kill her in a shot. Head back to Scooter to turn it in.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Swallowed Hole

This is also from Scooter. Follow the way point into a stalker cave. You will see an invisible one that looks like he is of the lightning element. He will run very quickly to a new way point.Run or fight over to the next way point and you have to kill the stalker. Do it with a electricity gun to get the bonus objective completed. If not just bring him down he actually hurts quite a bit. Break his shields so you can see him and use a rocket on him to kill him quick. After that Shorty will spawn. Now you need to kill him. I used my rocket on him as well and ended him in a shot.After that head back out to Scooter to turn in.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Not For Self-Person

This quest is off a Goliath mob. While I was working my way over to the previous quest I ran into him. He yelled so I looked back and kill him. He then dropped an echo recorder.The new objective is to find the weapons cache and kill 10 midgets. Just follow the way point to the bandit area. Head inside and I think it is called the rat maze or something like that. You need to FIGHT your way through the maze to the way point. Thankfully midgets come so they will help you beat the quest. If you run you will get swarmed so just fight them.

Once you get towards the chest there will be a ton more rats to fight. If you don’t have the 10 midgets wait until you do. After I got my ten I made a break for the chest and smashed the ice off it and opened it. Then you complete the quest. If you want to fight your way through go ahead. If you keep going you will actually fight Rakkman and he will drop a orange pistol. Yes he acts like batman.

That will end The Fridge Side Quest guide. Anyone else glad to be out of that zone? Check back soon for more guides!

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