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Borderlands 2 Guide: Tundra Express Side Quest Guide

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The Tundra Express isn’t really that big of an area but it does have a quest giver. Her name is Tiny Tina and she wants you to set up her Tea party for her. This side quest guide will help you beat them all in no time at all. Let’s go!

Tiny Tina Tea Party

Tiny Tina Boom!

First off you should know that you need to beat the story missions up to her before you can get the quest. This isn’t until after you’ve helped out Roland so if you haven’t done that yet you should catch up. After you do get caught up she will have the ! over her head.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – You are cordially invited: Party Prep

Tina needs you to collect a few things for her. Two of her guests, some crumpets and some buzzard parts for the teapot.

Follow the way point to the guests first. You will have to fight off a few things to get to them. Once you finally meet the guests you really shouldn’t be too surprised.

Now for the Buzzard parts and crumpets. These are both in the Buzzard base in the zone. Go in there and head to the lower level to get the crumpets. The killing buzzard part was actually pretty annoying because they kept spawning. Bring them down and grab the quest item they drop. Once you finish go back to Tina and she will give you the next quest.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – You are cordially invited: RSVP

This one is a bit odd but easy. You need to lure the target back to the cave. He is in a bandit camp so you might have to kill a few bandits if they are all coming at you.

Be sure to find out who he is so you don’t kill him. Also if you drop his hp to low he will start to limp and walk slower so keep it at half is you can. If he starts to walk away just shoot towards him and he will turn back around and start to chase you. Once he is in the cave you will have beat the quest and can turn it into Tina.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – You are cordially invited: Tea Party

This is the last side quest from her for now. You have to fend of waves of bandits and make sure they do not break the generator. While this is going on Tina will be torturing the other bandit you just captured.

Wave one is pretty easy. Just wait near the cave mouth and they will funnel in. Keep near cover and just pick them off as they come. If things get dicey use your special but this round was pretty simple.

Wave two gets a bit harder. Now they start sending harder bandits at you and maybe even a couple elite ones. I was actually out on the frozen lake fighting them. I kept strafing to avoid there shots and killed the weaker bandits first. Once the smalls ones are dead the elite buys are no problem.

Wave three is the final wave. Now the big guys start coming more frequently. I went back into the cave and tossed my turret at the entrance. The fast ones rushed up and I killed them quickly while the slower guys started to move up. But sure to focus one and use your grenades if you have any. Head shots if you can but if not just take what you can get. If they kill you they will go right for the generator so you might not be able to get second wind!

Play it safe and you will beat this quest no problem and get your reward.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – No Hard Feelings

In one of the bandit camps near Tina’s cave you will find a bandit named Will the Bandit. After you kill him he will give you an audio recording saying to find his weapons cache. Go to the marker and open the chest. It is rigged with explosives so be sure to dodge that. After it blows you can turn it in right there and get some exp.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Pretty Good Train Robbery

This is after the Mine, all mine quest form Lilith. Once you get this quest from Tiny Tina be sure to grab the dynamite in the room. After that follow the marker to the bandit camp. Take it slow because when I rushed in I got overwhelmed. Work your way to the gate and set some dynamite there. After that blows up work your way up to the second level.

Once the train arrives set the dynamite on the cash boxes. They will blow up and you can collect a ton of cash. After this though the turrets on the train will start to target you. I ran out and left my turret behind to fend them off. Go back to Tina and you will be done.

That will end the Borderlands 2 Tundra Express Side Quest guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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