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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Guide: Springs Side Quest Guide

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Guide: Springs' Side Quest Guide

Once you finally arrive on Elpis you will be introduced to Springs. She will help you get into the city on Elpis and also give you some extra quests to do if you want. This guide will help you get through the quests with no trouble at all!

Springs’ Side Quests

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Lost Legion Invasion

You can’t miss this quest when you arrive at the moon. You need to make it to a building across the moon without an O2 tank. If you run all the way to the way point you can make it without losing all your hp. Try to open the door then break the locks with your melee attacks. Once you go inside clear out the enemies and grab the O2 tank. If you look across the gap there is also a chest you can open if you jump across. Springs will come to that building after you get the O2 tank.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Land Among The Stars

After you get your O2 tank a couple of more quests open up. This one has to be done back at her base. Once you are at her base head out the way you first came in and go to the jump pad(bulls-eye on the mini map). Jump up the side of the cliff in order to get to the pad. First you jump, then you shoot two targets and lastly you do a ground slam on the pad in front of you. Make sure you use a gun that shoots at a normal speed or else the targets will be hard to hit.

After you do that grab the cash that pours out and head back into the base. Use the printer and return to Springs for your reward. Personally I went with more O2 in the tank so I could explore longer.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Follow Your Heart

After you complete “Land Among The Stars” you can get this quest from Springs. Take the items from the base and then head for Regolith Range. Once in there clear out the enemies in the first area. If you look up and to the left you will see some platforms leading up to an NPC. Follow those up to the NPC and give him all the stuff. He is at the bulls-eye on the mini-map.

After that kill him and recollect the posters. His body went flying for me so I had to do some jumps to get all my posters. After you get the posters just go put them up. You will have to fight enemies and sometimes jump up to place them.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Tales From Elpis

After you get the quest head for the first way marker. You can see the quest item hanging off a cliff. Drop down to the left and break the rocks near there to activate a geyser. Use the geyser to get near the quest item then float to grab it.

After that head to the next way point and use the switch to open the door. Grab the Echo recorder and then you will have to kill a enemy outside the base. I just used my special and didn’t have any trouble with him. After you kill him grab the last recorder and head back to Springs.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Marooned

Once you get you OZ pack from Spring she will give you the quest to kill Deadlift. Head to the Regolith Range and try to use the jump pad. After that fails go reset the fuse and use yourself to get power back to the jump pad. Then go take the jump pad and you will fight Deadlift. He is level 5 and is very annoying to fight. He jumps around a ton and spawns adds. Only thing I can suggest is use your special a lot and get some friends to help! Watch out when he goes to a station and plugs in. the ground around him becomes deadly.

After you kill Deadlift get the key and head to the way point. After that return to Springs for your reward.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Torgue-o Torgue-o

After you return from killing Deadlift you can get this quest. Use the vehicle to jump the gap to the way point then use the mission weapon to antagonize the Kragans. Once they are rolling at you use them to break the door down and grab the light reactor. You can drop the it into the lava and get a Torque weapon or return it to Springs for a laser. Personally I thought the Torque guy was insanely annoying so I went with the laser.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Nova? No Problem!

You get this one after you return to Springs. Head to the the Regolith Range and go to the way marker. Hit the switch and enter the vault area. With the shield given to you for the quest you need to disable 4 cameras and the safe at the same time. I cleared out all the enemies then I used the bars to harm myself enough for the shield to blow. Get in the center of all the cameras and they will all go down.

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