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Bound By Flame Guide: Act 1 Side Quest Guide

Bound By Flame Guide: Act 1 Side Quest Guide

Act 1 of Bound By Flame is where the side quests really start to pop up for you. After you make your way through the swamp you will enter Valvenor village and here you will get a ton of quests. This guide will help you beat them all so you are ready for the next act. Let’s get started.

Bound By Flame Act 1 Side Quests

Bound By Flame The Duel

On Safari with Sybil – Once you enter the swamp you will get this quest from Sybil. In the Southern Delta part of the swamp you can find a creature hiding in a barrel. I found mine near the skinny path on the map, south of Valvenor.

The Duel – Inside the village hall in the left corner you can find Randval standing around. Walk up to him and he will challenge you to a duel. Accept the duel and beat him to complete the quest. Remember to use your flame magic and potions to ensure victory.

The Recruitment of Randval – After you beat Randval in a duel this quest will become unlocked. Head to your camp outside of the town and talk to the Captain. Pick the option about the new recruit then go get Randval and bring him to the Captain. After they talk he will join the blades and he can be your partner.

Problems of Stewardship – Go into the Village hall and speak with the Steward to get this quest. You will have two people to speak with, Mirana and Mason. Talk to each of them will unlock more side quests for you to complete for the act.

The Greenhorn’s Training – Talk to Mason and accept the training mission. You will have to beat the recruits three times in order to beat the quest. Be sure to bring a partner with you to make it go quicker.

The Guard’s Equipment – After you talk to Mason he will give you this quest. Go to Ansel the blacksmith and talk to him about helping out. He will need some metal and leather in order to make what you need. After you give him the first set of materials he will need more. I broke down some of my old two handed weapons and I had enough to turn into him again. After that return to Mason and he will give you your reward.

Bound By Flame The Greenhorn's Training

The Lost Assistant – You get this quest from Mirana. She will ask you to find her assistant in the swamp. Go to the Southern Delta part of the swamp and you will see the marker. On the map to the south of the village you will see a skinny path on the map you can take. Go to that area and you can climb the wall and head straight to the assistant. Kill the beasts near him and talk to him to be teleported back to the village.

The Dispensary Resources – Talk to Mirana and she will ask you bring her food and potions. I had enough potions to turn in right there but I had to find the food. Go to the stocks to find some food in barrels then head to your camp to find some more food. After you get four pieces of food return to Mirana for your reward.

The Disappeared Guards – You get the quest from Mason and you can find the men in The Path of Ruins. Once you are in that area go to the marker and collect the guard equipment.

Bound By Flame Edwen's Request

Orphan – You get this quest if you choose to free Edwen in the swamp. Go talk to Sybil and say sorry about your father to cheer her up. I did the top choice and I failed the cheer up part.

Edwen’s Request – After you return to the village the Steward will bring up that some citizens are acting strangely. Bring Edwen with you and go under the bridge outside town. You will find Hugbert in a tent with his wife. Talk to him and get some info out of him. Go to Mason and talk to him about Jervis to figure out that he has also been acting strange. You need to talk to Jervis who is next to the blacksmith and he won’t say anything. After that there are two more people who you need to talk to about it but once you beat that part of the quest you can’t talk to them anymore so I don’t know their names. One is a wife in the refugee camp next to man sitting down and the other is near the Southern Delta swamp entrance.

Talk to Mason and wait until night for the next part of the quest. Go down the the refugee camp and you will get a cut scene and a fight. After you beat the infected villagers Mason will tell you to check out the East swamp. Go to the East swamp and on the map you will see the Lair of Whispers which is your destination. I choose to let the demon inside me make me stronger. Enter the Lair of Whispers and make it to the end to beat the demon. After I killed the two extra units I just dodged and attacked.

Silban’s Experiments – I got this after I killed the beast from Lyestas in the village hall. He wants you to speak with his healer upstairs. After you talk to him head to the Path of ruins to find the quest items. All three of them are in the area where you fought the beast. Return to Silban and give him the items. I slept a day and went to the swamp and back and he had completed his first potion. If you drink it you gain five extra hit points. He then wants you to collect more samples and if you do you get another bonus 15 hp. (Thanks Paul ‘Handz’ Jones)

That will end the Bound By Flame Act 1 Side Quest guide. Check back soon for more Bound By Flame guides!

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