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Bound By Flame Guide: Act 2 Side Quest Guide

Bound By Flame Guide: Act 2 Side Quest Guide

Act 2 of Bound By Flame brings us to the elven capital of Caraldthas. You will start in a camp outside the city and the quests begin there. This guide will help you find them and complete them with no trouble at all. Let’s get started.

Bound By Flame Act 2 Side Quests

Bound By Flame Soul Of The Elves

The Blockade – You will get this quest when you enter the camp. You will need to beat the enemies at two camps then a patrol. All are marked on a map then return to the elf commander.

The Icy Library – You get this quest from Sybil in the camp. After you bring the prince through Caraldthis you can use Sybil in your party again. When you can use her get her and bring her to the library in Caraldthis. You will need to collect three books then the quest will be complete.

The Souls of the Elves – Talk to Rhelmar in the camp to get this quest, make sure to tell him you can help him. This will be a whole act long quest since you need 20 souls, search outside the city and inside the city for the dead elf bodies.

Randval the Loner – (Thanks Alexander Davis) You need to do this before you return from Caraldthis the first time or the main quest becomes bugged.Talk to Randval and let him go away for awhile. After you clear the first part of Caraldthis and return to camp Randval will come back as well. Tell him you will go with him and he will join your party. Go with him to the quest point and be sure to take the bridge, if you go under he will tell you it is the wrong way and you will fail a part. On top of the bridge you just have to kill the enemy units to complete the quest.

A Traitor in the Camp – Speak with the Captain and he will tell you to talk to Buffalo. Talk to Buffalo and he will tell you to talk to the sentry down below him. The sentry is the traitor so kill him, I didn’t and he ran away and I failed the quest.

Timid Request – Speak to Sybil about Mathras and talk about his sex life to get this quest. Go talk to Mathras and ask him about his lovers, then go to Sybil to complete the quest.

Camp Security – After you interrogate the undead go talk to Rhelmar about the camps defenses. Build him 10 traps and give them to him to complete the quest. Break down your old weapons and armor to get enough materials.

I’m still completing Act 2 so I will update the guide as I get more quests!

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  1. There seems to be a bug with Randval the Loner. If you send him after you get back from the first part of Caraldthis he does not return and you can not continue the main quest.

          1. Did this ever resolve itself? I’m in the same situation and I’m not about to start a new game. I’m pissed.

          2. Nope im having the EXACT same problem. Im majorly pissed off as i have to do 2 MORE FREAKING PLAYTHROUGHS because the Ewden quest glitched on me… Jesus christ this game is awful for a next gen or even last gen game.

    1. I think i may have a solution. I was quite stuck as well on randval not coming back too. so i completed the blockade and walked here.(marked on the map) i confronted a wave of enemies, which gave me a way to continue the main quest.(I just reached the Lower Caraldthas through there.)

      UPDATE: After finishing the main quest in Caraldthas and returning to camp, Randval returned there as well.
      Finish the main quest conversations inside the camp and head back to Randval for to participate in another main quest dialogue. After that he will talk to you about his Recon mission 😀

      1. you dont understand. I have completed all quest and i was everywhere where i could be in this act. So i am stuck.

        1. Have you talked to the Prince? because that was the last mission on this place/Act, Edwen and Rhelmar will accompany you through the icy library and inside Caraldthas. Where you’ll have a boss fight and you will be automatically transferred to another place/Act after defeating it.

          1. i cant complete main quest with randval flowers because he is not fuckin there. Thats the problem

          2. Seems to be a problem with many people…. I have no fix for it so you will have to wait for a patch or restart the game. I know not exactly what you want to hear.

  2. I get no option to ask Mathras about his sex life once this quest is active. Updated: The option won’t appear if you have Sybil with you at the time.

  3. guys i have problem with neutralized deadwalker blacksmith, the giant blacksmith missing and i cant attack the archers beside him after cut scene, is it a bug ?

  4. I’ve had multiple bugs with this game once I hit the second act. The Randval bug, the blockade mission also bugged. I completed it right out of the gate, got credit for it, then was assigned the mission again, except the enemies don’t respawn, so the quest remains undoable.

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