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Bound By Flame Guide: Act 3 Side Quest Guide

Bound By Flame Guide: Act 3 Side Quest Guide

Act 3 of Bound By Flame brings us to the Blackfrost Palace and closer to the Worldheart. Everyone is kind of scattered at the start of the Act but eventually you regroup and quests pop up. This guide will make sure you don’t miss any as you go along. Let’s get started.

Bound By Flame Act 3 Side Quests

Bound By Flame Save Renko

Save Renko – After you bring back Mathtras talk to Lyestas about Renko and he will say he saw him enter the sewers. Enter the sewers and go to the quest marker on the map. Once you get there take the little hole down further and be ready for a fight. After you clear out the mobs tell Renko to come with you then return to camp with him to complete the quest.

A Damsel in Distress – After you return to camp you will get a quest to find Sybil. She is in the Great Square and is marked on your map. Clear out the enemies then help her with a potion and she can join your team again.

A Knight in Distress – You will also gt this quest when you get the Sybil one. Head south of the Great Square and you will see the quest icon for Randval. Go over there and help him beat the enemies and you will beat the quest.

Improve the Camp’s Defenses – When you get this quest the main quest is also collect crystals. Just go around to each marker and collect enough crystals to beat both of the quests at the same time. Return to Lyestas and give him the crystals.

The Blades Enslaved – You get this one as you are killing the Concubines. She will have control over a few of your men and they fill fight you as you fight her. If you want to keep them all alive bring Randval and let him tank them while you focus on the boss. She attacks quick so use daggers and strike and dodge over and over. Talk to the blades after you kill her to complete the quest.

That will end the Bound By Flame Act 3 side quest guide. Check back soon for more updates!

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  1. I think you forgot this quest “Edwen’s Artifact”. I’ve got it from act3,but I’ve no idea how to complete it.

  2. There is also one to find the Prince Arandil’s spirit stone. You also get it in sewers at the beginning of Act 3 (If you side with Elf). But there is no quest marker as to where his body is. And the cutscene didn’t really point it out to me. >.< So I have no idea if its even in the sewer or not. Even though by the conversation you have talks like its in there.

    Just wondering if this is the same as Edwen's Artifact. Not sure.

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