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Into The Breach Pilot Guide

Into The Breach Pilot guide
Want a list of the pilots you can unlock? This Into The Breach Pilot Guide lists all of the pilots we’ve unlocked so far including information on their special abilities and the different perks and skills they can unlock. When you begin the cut-throat journey through Into The Breach you begin with a single pilot, Ralph Karlsson. As you progress through the missions, rescuing pods and clearing islands, you are sometimes rewarded with new pilots.

Every pilot has a unique ability called a Special. These are standout abilities that truly give them an edge in terms of adaptability and potency on the battlefield. Finding pilots that suit your needs or personal playstyle can often be the different between a failed or successful run. As well as their Special ability, each pilot is able to learn further perks and skills as they level up and progress during each mission.

How To Unlock New Pilots In Into The Breach

There are two main methods to unlocking new pilots in Into The Breach. Occasionally, during missions, you will be informed of a pod crash landing in your vicinity. These pods are said to hold technology from more advanced eras of the past. You must either physically land on the Pod or complete the mission without destroying it to gain its contents. If the pod is damaged or an enemy unit stands on it, it is destroyed and you do not get to claim the items.

Secondly, you can unlock Pilots through natural progression. When you complete islands you are given the opportunity to spend your Corporate Reputation to purchase new upgrades. You also get bonuses for a perfect run, clearing all bonus objectives. Those are the primary ways to unlock new pilots in Into The Breach.

Into The Breach Pilots List

There are a total of 13 different pilots to unlock, 14 to use if you include the Last Traveler. The Last Traveler is a pilot from your previous run that you can choose to take with you. They are the same as the default versions of themselves, just with the additional perks and experience you unlocked during your previous run. Here are the list of pilots we’ve currently unlocked.

  • Ralph Karlsson – Automatic Unlock – Gain +2 Bonus XP Per Kill
  • Camila Vera – Mech unaffected by Webbing and Smoke
  • Gana – Deploy anywhere on the map, damaging adjacent enemies (requires 1 power)
  • Isaac Jones – Gain 1 extra ‘Reset Turn’ every battle
  • Henry Kwan – Mech can move through enemy units
  • Chen Rong – After attacking, gain 1 free tile movement

We are updating our Into The Breach Pilot Guide as we progress through the game, check back soon for updates.

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