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Brink Be More Objective Challenge 3 Star

Brink Be More Objective Challenge 3 Sta

Arguably the hardest challenge in Brink is Be more objective, at least getting on 3 star. I really dislike this  Brink challenge because it makes you be a lot of classes.  You have to be the solider engineer and the operative. In the challenge Be more objective you have to pretty much do 4 objectives before the time runs out. This is also part of the trophy/achievement King of the World!

I used a medium build with an assault rifle and a SMG secondary.

At the start of the Brink challenge Be more objective you start as a solider and the first thing you have to do is blow up a wall to get a command post. Run straight for the objective then when you about there toss your moltov in the direction of the enemy hopefully hitting some people. After that immediately plant the bomb. After it is planted defend it. Don’t go Rambo just stick back behind cover and protect it. If you get lucky the explosion will take a couple enemies down. Right after it blows open switch your class.

The second part of the Brink challenge Be more objective wants you to repair a generator. This can be difficult if you didn’t take out a couple before hand as a solider. It is right up the stairs and fighting your way up isn’t to difficult unless you get caught when they spawn then you’re a goner. Don’t bother with mines or turrets in my opinion they didn’t do anything but waste time for me. Fight your way up the stairs and make sure the AI is kind of close when you start to repair it. After that switch your class again to operative.

The third part of the Brink challenge Be more objective will have you hacking something. This was the hardest part of the challenge for me. It was all the way up and they just kept swarming me. What I finally did is helped the AI up the stairs to the hack point. I hacked and hid behind a box where I couldn’t be shot except from point blank. The enemy AI would only come up in pairs so my AI was able to hold them off until the hack was done. I still ended up dying a couple times though.

The last part of the Brink challenge Be more objective has you bringing data to a post. My AI was still up top so I was able to grab it and run right to the point and finish the challenge. If not just fight with your AI and they will cover you while you do it. this is way quicker then a hack.

So there you have it the Brink challenge Be more objective on 3 star. It was a bit difficult but with a couple tries you should be able to finish it off. Good job beating all the challenges.

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