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Brink Escort Duty Challenge 3 Star

Brink Escort Duty Challenge 3 Star

The third Brink challenge is called Escort duty. This one is pretty simple you have to escort a giant truck thing as an engineer. I used a medium build with an assault rifle and an SMG as my secondary. For this challenge they give you way to much time in my opinion and there isn’t really any penalty for dying. This is also part of the trophy/achievement King of the World! which is beating all 3 star challenges.

Alright in the Brink challenge Escort Duty you pretty much are going to have guys coming at you every 10 seconds or so. Before you start to repair the truck for the first time just place a mine and a turret at an enemy spawn point. Even if the door is closed they will open it and come out. After that you really won’t have time to put anything down. Use the grenades when you can and upgrade your weapon damage.

The trick to the Brink challenge Escort Duty is to keep the truck moving. They are more likely to focus on you then the truck. If they break the truck you have to repair it but that doesn’t stop them from spawning.

If you die in the Brink challenge Escort Duty expect them to break the truck. Head back out mow them down and fix it almost to complete. Wait for the next spawn kill them and finish it.

About 85% through the Brink challenge Escort Duty you can take over a command post that increases your hp. If you lose the truck around it you might as well take it. If not just keep trucking because you are really close to the end.

This should help you complete the Brink challenge Escort Duty and get the 3 star. This one is fairly simple so you shouldn’t have much trouble. One more Brink challenge to 3 star and it is the hardest one look forward to it soon!

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