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Brink Online Tips And Tricks

Brink Online Tips And Tricks

Anyone whose played Brink knows that it was meant for online play. The AI is terrible and you can’t even control them. Since we got all the Brink challenges done already I figured it was time to give some tips and tricks for the online portion of the game. So lets get started.

Brink online tips and tricks #1 Parkour! One of the main selling points of this game is the free movement system that lets you jump over walls and wall jump. Use it to your advantage! Taking the straight path will often result in you being gunned down before you even make it to the objective. It is the fastest way there but you really run the risk of dying.

Brink online tips and tricks #2 Buff your teammates! SPOILER ALERT! Engineers I’m sorry but your turrets aren’t that great. Your weapon damage buff on the other hand is fantastic. This is a great way to increase your exp and help you team win. Nearly everyone can buff in one way or another so use it to your advantage and let the other team put down the turrets that don’t even shoot you when your right in front of them.

Brink online tips and tricks #3 Melee knock over is amazing. Yup if you can knock someone down do it. By the time they see you its likely already to late and you’ve killed them. What about the slide tackle? One of the best features in the game! I’ve taken out two a time easily with this. I don’t know if you can do more then that but it is funny to watch a huge dude drop from a slide kick.

Brink online tips and tricks #4 Sniping. Oh man I really dislike this in the game. It is very hard to his those speedy guys and even harder to get a head shot. Whats more you don’t even get the one hit quit half the time. Just don’t do it.

Brink online tips and tricks #5 Playing smart. Alright this is a givin but if the team needs more medics be a medic. there is no reason to have 5 soldiers 2 engineers and an operative. No medic equals gg. Medics also get a a lot of exp for healing and rezing so why not.

Brink online tips and tricks #6 Use the objective wheel! I can’t tell you how much exp I missed just because I always had the main objective selected. You’re not going to get a massive exp boost but it will add up after a few games so why waste the exp?

For the most part that’s all I can think of for Brink online tips and tricks. If you have any other suggestions please list them below in the comments. Happy hunting!

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  1. If you are playing the Operative role, then I suggest making full use out of the disguise feature!!! I put on someone else’s clothing and before you know it I’m right behind the enemy spawn point picking knuckle-heads off with ease (and they think the fire is coming from elsewhere), it’s great.

  2. Find your class and stick with it. Don’t waste credits in classes you dont use. Classes abilities are great but Universal abilities are the key to building a strong character. I.e. Don’t spent credits in Operative if your mainly a Soldier. Wanna try a new class? Be smart about it make a new character. If you reset your Credits at rank 20 you’ll lose your Rank 5 abilities. I.e. Engineers will lose access to your Gatling Turret Rank 5 or Character loses universal ability Downed Fire Rank 5

  3. The turrets are very effective, but only in choke holds and narrow spaces, I only ever use medic and engineer, and sniping does work to an extent – long maps and high places you can climb to – but since only headshots do anything near a one hit death, it can get ammo depleting.

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