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Brink Tower Defense Challenge 3 Stars

Brink Tower Defense Challenge 3 Star

The next Brink challenge that we will 3 star is called Tower Defense. Being as you already beat the two star challenge you will have the mini gun unlocked. So before you start this make your char body type heavy. After that make your default weapons the mini gun and some sort of SMG. I used the Galatic SMG with a grip, red dot, and a duct-tape magazine. Alright time to 3 star the Brink challenge Tower Defense. This is also part of the trophy/achievement King of the World!(beating all the 3 star challanges

This challenge isn’t all that difficult at first but towards the end it gets a bit crazy. Before you take the command post let me give you a couple tips.

First the mini gun eats ammo. If you run out go to the command post and re select engineer and you will have full ammo. Careful though the gun takes tons of time to reload. Also aim down the scope with the mini gun to start revving it up. Don’t forget to buff your damage either.

Second use your mines and turrets! I put my mine at the top of one of the stairs and my turret aiming at one of the doors the spawn at.

Third use the screen in the room to tell how close you are to done. If you are done with a wave reload and restock/repair.

The first waves of the Brink challenge Tower Defense are pretty simple they come one at a time and it is an easy way to rack up head shots with the mini gun. Clear it with no problems most likely.

The second wave of the Brink challenge Tower Defense is where it gets a bit hard. They will throw more enemies at you and they will come out of different spawns. Keep the high ground if you can and bring the thunder down on the enemies below. If you get knocked off get back up soon because losing the command post is not a good idea.

The last waves of the Brink challenge Tower Defense is where you might lose. They send like 10 guys at you at once and they wont hesitate to swarm you. Avoid the grenades and just go to town on the enemy. Use your grenades and mines to your advantage here. Lure them in and once they are knocked down finish them off.

Follow this Brink challenge Tower Defense guide and should have no problem getting 3 stars. Look forward to more 3 star challenge guides!

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