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Cadence Of Hyrule Windmill Hut Crate Puzzle Guide

Cadence Of Hyrule Windmill Hut Crate Puzzle Guide
When you get to the Windmill Hut in Cadence Of Hyrule you will be greeted with a crate puzzle. Moving the wrong crate means you have to restart the puzzle. Check out this Cadence Of Hyrule Windmill Hut crate puzzle guide and finish it quickly.

Cadence Of Hyrule Windmill Hut Crate Puzzle Guide

When you arrive at the Windmill Hut, got to the left side and you can start moving the crates. For this one go up to the top two crates that are sticking out to the right. You want to push the top one into the other crates on the left and the crate below you want to push down. Now you should look like this.

Windmill Hut Box Puzzle

Now push the lone crate to your left even further left. Then push the crate below you down further. Lastly, push the crate to the left even further left and you can access the stairs. Here you will find a chest and a new item you can use both in and out of combat. We also have a music note puzzle guide here for the second puzzle in the Windmill Hut.

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