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Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Guide: Intel Location Guide

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Guide: Intel Location Guide

Throughout the campaign of Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare you can find Intel scattered throughout the levels. Find the Intel will get you a trophy/achievement and help you boost your Exosuit throughout campaign. This guide will help you find all the intel as you play.

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Intel Location Guide

I missed some during my first play through so I will be going back to find them later. If you know one I missed leave a comment and I will add it.

Induction Intel 1 – After you destroy the drones and help the tank you will end up in another building. Here you will be taught how to dodge backwards with your jet pack and some enemies will zip line in. After you kill the enemies head up the stairs and look right. You should see a bar/cafe area with a glowing laptop. Grab it for your first intel.

Induction Intel 2 – After you exit the subway you will be back in the city. Start taking out the enemies and enter the restaurant with the flower pedal stands. Go up the stairs and enter the bar across from that building. Take the stairs in the bar up even further to get your second piece of intel.

Induction Intel 3 – There is one behind the “waterfall” towards the end of the level when you blow up the huge mecha. (Thanks to David for the comment)

Atlas Intel 1 – After you save the president another room in the hallway opens up. The room is right across from where the president is and in the bathroom you can find the intel.

Atlas Intel 2 – After you get the tour you will be dropped of at R&D. There are two small security buildings near the gate. The one on the right has some intel inside.

Atlas Intel 3 – There’s another in Atlas, in the resupply room before you have another attempt in the simulator, there’s a room on your right, the intel is lying on a desk in the middle of the room. (Thanks to Oli for the comment)

Traffic Intel 1 – After you use the Mute charge and drop into the building you will move towards the hostage room. Before you enter you can find some intel on a desk right before the room. go to the door and look back to see the desk.

Traffic Intel 2 – After you run up the stairs to avoid the gunner truck you end up in an are with a basketball hoop. Go up the stairs near the and go left and enter that doorway. Go through there until you find a couple of vending machines and below them you will see the intel.

CoD Advanced Warfare Intel Locations

Fission Intel 1 – This intel is found in the building after you take out the tank. Once you go down the elevator shaft enter the first room on the right. In the other room in that room you can find the intel on the floor.

Fission Intel 2 – You get this intel while you are evacuating the facility. Once you finally get a glimpse of outside again look right and you should be able to see the intel on a spool. It is on the upper level.

Aftermath Intel 1 – Once you are in the school you will fall a couple levels and have no gun. Melee the enemy and you can find the intel to the left once you go through the doorway. I

Aftermath Intel 2 – After you escape the school and head down the fire escape you can see a small building to the left. In that building you will find the intel in the back.

Aftermath Intel 3 – This intel is in the hospital. Once you make it up the stairs you we get hit by a flash bang. Clear out the enemies and take the doorway on the left. In the next room on the left you can see the intel.

Manhunt Intel 1 – Right after you put your Exo suit on you can find this intel on the balcony.

Manhunt Intel 2 – After things go south you will find yourself running through a market with some civilians. Once you get to the farmer’s market(big blue sign that says farmer’s market), go up the stairs of the building that has a solar panel on the outside. It’s a white building that has a no parking bikes here sign. Up top you will find ammo and the intel next to the bed.

Manhunt Intel 3 – Once Torres gets clipped you will have to get to Rivers for a Stinger. Cross the street into a jewelery store and behind the counter you can find the intel.

CoD Advanced Warefare Manhunt Intel

Utopia Intel 1 – Right when you gain control of your character look behind you to see the intel.

Utopia Intel 2 – You can find this on the first floor of a building with green awnings above it. There is also a red vehicle parked outside. Go in and the intel is on a small table.

Sentinel Intel 1 – Once you make it into the security room the intel is to the left of the objective.

Sentinel Intel 2 – Inside Iron’s office you can find the intel right below the bookshelf.

Sentinel Intel 3 – You get this right after you get off the convoy. Follow Cormack and when he goes up don’t follow him up. Instead look right and you can see the intel on the ground.

Crash Intel 1 – You get this intel after you fall into the glacier. Once you make it to the enemies you can see the intel across the gap. Double jump over the gap and grab the intel.

CoD Advanced Warefare Bio Lab Intel

Bio Lab Intel 1 – While running from the chopper you will go into a wooden shed with the intel on the floor.

Bio Lab Intel 2 – On your way to the Manticore you will enter an area called Main Compound synthesis(you can see it on the orange signs above the doorway). If you follow that around to the right and go through that doorway you can find the intel on a table to the left.

Bio Lab Intel 3 – After you disable the dish and enter the building you can find this intel on the second floor. You cross a little balcony into a lab and you can see the intel to the right. You will need to shoot the glass and jump through to get it.

Collapse Intel 1 – After you crash you will be on the bridge with a bunch of cars. Right when the enemies start popping up you can see a black car with the passenger door open. In that seat you can find the intel.

Collapse Intel 2 – Right before you get to the landed helicopter you can find this intel on the left side of the bridge.

Armada Intel 1 – After you place the jammers and enter the interior of the carrier you can find this intel. It is on the console near the windows.

Armada Intel 2 – Once you clear the hanger and end up on the second level you can find the next piece of intel. You can find it in the back of the second level, behind the control panels.

Armada Intel 3 – The last intel is on the bridge, on the center table.

CoD Advanced Warfare Collapse Intel

Throttle Intel 1 – Once you land go up to the second floor and run to the bench at the end of the path and you can get the intel.

Throttle Intel 2 – When you have to deal with the AST units is when you can get this intel. It is on the highest balcony and you will need to grapple your way to get it.

Captured Intel 1 – After you open the door with the guy warning he will shoot you look left for the intel.

Captured Intel 2 – After you get shot down you can find this intel. Once you regain control of your character look behind you and the intel is on a crate.

Terminus Intel 1 – Once you get out of the water follow the hallway to the end for the first intel.

Terminus Intel 2 – The next intel is after you destroy all the AST units and other enemies. After Gideon breaks down the metal door cross the hallway to find the intel.

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  1. There’s another in Atlas, in the resupply room before you have another attempt in the simulator, there’s a room on your right, the intel is lying on a desk in the middle of the room

  2. When u follow the plane down in the snow in Crash level. There is one on the ground to the right in the middle of a stack of grey crates in a U shape. It’s right after she hands u the gun

  3. In Fusion after you clear the room with the drone while in the lift, walk around the right side on the ground floor and you will see the Intel at the back between the first two fans.

  4. In captured, when Gideon talks about the manticore strikes and the two civilians are in the room in front of the two screens, after the door opens up look right in another room, whose door’s also opening. Go into the room and look right, the intel is on the table in the corner

  5. In Terminus, just after the first intel, take the first staircase down into another wave of enemies. Enter the complex with white wands and blue glasses, keep left and enter the first room you see, the intel is on the table, covered by that black device next to several other screens.

  6. In Traffic, after flanking the heavy gunner and taking him out, you must climb over that wall. Do not! Turn around, the Intel is right on the corner

  7. In Crash, when Gideon picks you up from the water and you must take the stinger, on the left at the wreckage is the Intel.

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