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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Guide: Intel Locations Guide Page 2

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Guide: Intel Locations Guide Page 2
The second part of our Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 intel guides. This time focusing on missions 7 through 11. This Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Guide: Intel Locations Guide will show you where to find the hidden intel on a mission by mission basis. It is worth noting that when you collect Call of Duty Black Ops 2 intel, it is saved. Therefore you can collect the intel and quit a mission, allowing you to return and grab ones you’ve missed without having to do the entire mission again.

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Intel Location Guide Mission 7: Suffer With Me

Intel Location Number 7.1
The first piece of Black Ops II intel on mission 7 can be found shortly after you enter the warehouse via the Skylight window. When he runs down the stairs, don’t follow straight away. Look to the shelves on your left. The intel can be found there.

Intel Location Number 7.2
The second piece of intel can be found near the church during the escort. As you approach the church search a building to the far left. The Black Ops 2 intel can be found inside.

Intel Location Number 7.3
Shortly after the previous intel piece, you’ll enter a door and experience a brief cut-scene. Directly ahead of you is a room with a metal bed, the intel can be found inside that room.

Intel Location Guide Mission 8: Achilles Veil

Intel Location Number 8.1
After the speech you’re told to leave the courtyard through the main entrance. Instead look for the small exit on the right hand side. Near that exit is a set of stairs. Climb the stairs to find a piece of Black Ops II intel. There’s also an Optical Camouflage suit in the room above.

Intel Location Number 8.2
After the cut-scene where the plane is destroyed and you make your choice, you follow some soldiers and drones down an alley. When you reach the end you’ll notice a small window ahead. The second Black Ops II intel can be found inside that room behind the ammo crates that are in the corner.

Intel Location Number 8.3
The final piece of intel can be found on the roof of a small building just before the bridge to the Citadel Bridge. Head down to the right of the building to discover a ladder. Use it to climb to the roof and collect the final piece of intel for this mission.

Intel Location Guide Mission 9: Odysseus

Intel Location Number 9.1
After you hack the terminal to disable the automatic turrets, head into the room and take the door to the far right. You’ll see the intel inside the bridge on a computer panel, ahead of you as you enter.

Intel Location Number 9.2
After the cut-scene with Briggs you’re told to get to the hangar deck to collect the traitor. As you move towards your objective you’ll find a set of stairs with a red light nearby. Don’t go down, instead head up the small stairs to the right and collect the Black Ops II intel from the top.

Intel Location Number 9.3
The final piece for this mission can be found near the end once you’ve taken the lift up to the flight deck. To your right are 2 planes that are intact with their rear doors open. The Black Ops II intel can be found inside the front entrance of the second plane.

Intel Location Guide Mission 10: Cordis Die

Intel Location Number 10.1
The first intel on this mission is very easy to miss. After you’ve destroyed the drones using the SAM Turret, choose to rappel down to ground level. On the left side of the freeway you’ll see a bus and a police bike. The first piece of intel can be found on the other side of the destroyed vehicle directly next to the bike.

Intel Location Number 10.2
After you’ve been hit by the truck destroy the first drone you encounter. From there take a hard left and enter the nearby Hotel building. The Black Ops II intel piece can be found on the main reception desk at the other end, as you enter.

Intel Location Number 10.3
The final piece of Black Ops 2 Intel on this mission can be located shortly after the previous one. When you leave the Hotel you have to destroy 2 more drones, you can then choose which path to take. Take the far left path that leads into a shopping mall area. Climb the stairs and to your right you’ll see a T-Shirt stand. The intel piece can be found on the bottom shelf at the opposite end.

Intel Location Guide Mission 11: Judgement Day

Intel Location Number 11.1
The first piece of intel in the last Call of Duty Black Ops II mission can be found near the beginning of the mission. Once you hit the deck run to your left, you’ll see a large set of stairs straight ahead. After clearing the area head up the stairs, this spawns 2 gun trucks on your location. Directly past the gun trucks is a building. Enter the building and climb the stairs to find the first piece of intel in the corner of the room.

Intel Location Number 11.2
The second to last piece of intel in the entire game can be found in the main control room with all the computers and screens. As you enter you’ll need to go up the stairs to your right, 2 levels and then turn left and travel to the last desk. The intel is on that desk.

Intel Location Number 11.3
The final piece of intel in the game, I heard that sigh of relief from here, can be located in the room blue glowing pillars and a white object in the middle. Head straight ahead, then take a left. Don’t follow up the stairs, instead go past and head down the stairs. On that level circle back around to below the door you entered, the final intel piece is on a crate.

Congratulations! You’ve now collected every piece of intel in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. So how does it feel? Was it worth it? I know right. I hope you found this guide helpful. If you’re stuck or certain parts of this don’t make any sense, post a comment below and we’ll help you out if we can. Hooah!

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