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Call Of Duty DMZ Break Check Mission Guide

The Break Check Faction Mission is a Tier 2 mission for White Lotus. In this Call Of Duty DMZ Break Check Mission Guide we tell you how to complete the mission by finding the location of the crash site near the observatory and the Waterways Dead Drop in Ashika Island.

This is quite a unique mission in Call of Duty DMZ as it requires players to complete objectives on two different maps. You need to go to Al Mazrah first and find a unique crash site near the Observatory, where you will find an item to collect, and then successfully extract with that item.

Call Of Duty DMZ Break Check Mission Guide

Once you have extracted with the required item you then need to find a different location on Ashika Island, which is the new map introduced in the latest update. There is a new Dead Drop zone in the Waterway area of Ashika Island, which is easily accessible from the South East corner of the map.

Simply take the key into the Waterway tunnel and then place it in the Dead Drop to complete the objective.

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