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Call Of Duty DMZ Where To Find The Waterway Dead Drop In Ashika Island

Part of the new Break Check mission is to find a new Dead Drop location. This Call Of Duty DMZ Where To Find The Waterway Dead Drop In Ashika Island guide will explain how you complete this part of the objective so you can finish the objective and complete Break Check.

There are new faction missions across all of the factions in Call of Duty DMZ. A new Tier 2 mission for White Lotus involves finding two new locations. A crash site on Al Mazrah and then a new Dead Drop location that can be found on the Waterway on Ashika Island, which is a new Dead Drop added to the new map released today.

Call Of Duty DMZ Where To Find The Waterway Dead Drop In Ashika Island

The Waterway is actually very easy to reach, there’s even a spawn that puts you just a hundred meters from the location. There are multiple entrances to the Waterway but using this location, shown above, is safest as it’s closest to the Dead Drop and it also means you can avoid the Juggernaut enemy within, as he spawns on the opposite side.

Simply follow the video to locate the Waterway Dead Drop in Ashika Island.

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