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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Hunter Killer Intel Guide

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Hunter Killer Intel Guide

The next level in Modern Warfare 3 is Hunter Killer. I’m not sure if this is the level they asked if you wanted to skip at the start of the game or not but you do go through a flooded tunnel with people who go trapped and killed. Anyways this guide will help you find all the intel with no problems. Let’s get started.

This level starts of pretty sweet with you being under water and having to disable a sub. You actually get to move under water in this game which is kind of a nice addition. Anyways you set the bombs on the sub and it has to surface. Once it does you have to clear a couple of guys off the top and then you go inside. Now we look for the intel. There are only two in the level.

Call of Duty MW3 Intel guide – Hunter Killer – Once the guy tosses a grenade down the hatch you can go in. There are a couple of guys you need to clear out. Do so and the other guy with separate with you. He will tell you to go down the steps. First check the bunks. On the one in the back you should see the intel. Grab it before going down the steps. then move on.

Call of Duty MW3 Intel guideHunter Killer 2 – After getting to the room with ton of guys and laser sights all over you need to clear out some of the guys. If you go all the way to the right you can take some steps up. Clear out any enemies and take the steps. On the left side up there you should see the intel on the floor. The left side of the sub that is. Grab it and you will have found both in the level. Good job.

That will end the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Intel guide for Hunter Killer. Don’t forget, check and favorite our Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Complete Intel Walkthrough Guide for a chapter by chapter guide on all the intel locations in the game.

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