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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Back On The Grid

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Back On The Grid

The next level in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is called Back on the Grid. Somehow Soap is fully healed and is going to be helping in this level. This Intel guide will help you find all the intel in the level as you go. Let’s get started!

Doing this as I go so if I miss one I will add it when I find it later.

Call of Duty MW 3 Back on the Grid Intel guide – This isn’t until fairly far into the level. You will have to cover Soap and Price from a sniper spot. After you clear out the bad guys they will breach a room. After saying it’s empty they will move out and you can move up. In that room is some intel. Grab it.

Call of Duty MW 3 Back on the Grid Intel guide 2 – Once you get to the church area you will have to clear out a lot of guys. Once they are dead go the church and the doors will open. Clear out all the guys then go to the back of the church and grab the intel.

Clearly I missed one somewhere I’m not really sure where either. It’s a large level so I will go back to it when I get a chance.

That will end the Call of Duty MW 3 Back on the Grid Intel guide. Don’t forget, check and favorite our Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Complete Intel Walkthrough Guide for a chapter by chapter guide on all the intel locations in the game.

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  1. as your going through the roadway after the breach building with the rooftops to the right it is on ground level in the last building on the left

  2. The Breach Room is #1. The Church one is #3.

    #2 is in a small hut with two open doors and a junk stove in front of it on the left on the road you battle on after you rejoin with Price and Soap after sniping the enemies that discover them after the Breach Room.

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