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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Fast Experience

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Fast Experience

In CoD MW3 you need exp to level up and unlock new weapons and equipment online. Most people have a gun that they really want to use and it is normally not unlocked early. This quick exp guide will help you level up fast. So let’s get started.

If you know a quick way I didn’t mention leave a comment and I will add it. Experience

Call of Duty MW3 quick exp guide 1 – Ground War / Support – A very easy and quick way to get exp in MW3 is using support. Roll with the UAV – Ballistics vests – SAM turret. The UAV will help you and your teammates get kills thus netting you more points and a win. The Ballistics vest will keep everyone alive and in a ground war it is easy to get a bonus 400 exp each time because you can drop it at a spawn point or base. Lastly is the Sam turret. I have used this countless times and cleared out so many counter UAVs and UAVS(Each worth 50) in a single match. When a chopper or something a little more high class comes along you can move it and get even more EXP. Don’t forget to save it until an enemy uses something in the air though or it could be destroyed before it works!

Call of Duty MW3 quick exp guide 2 – Specialist. This was an idea given to me by Ryan Murphy Waters in our COD online tips and tricks. Make your perk set up something like this. First use blind eye. The point of specialist if to get up to at least 8 kills if not higher to get a ton of exp. If something in the air can kill you then it will be very hard. Second use hardline. Special only needs two kills to get the first perk but with hardline you only need one. Lastly use Stalker so you can delay explosives which helps a ton.

Now for the kill streak rewards. I go assassins first so UAVs can’t see me. Second is quick draw so if I get caught in a fire fight I have the upper hand most of the time. Lastly I do scavenger because I plan to stay alive for a very long time and I like my guns so I want to be able top reload them. At 5 if when you have all of your selected perks. Once you hit 7 it will start giving you bonus perks every two kills until you have all of them. Each time you will get addition exp. Thanks again Ryan Murphy Waters.

I have read in a couple places that if you get to 24 kill with specialist on you can get a nuke in Call of Duty MW 3. It does not end the game but ti will kill all enemy players. I cannot confirm it though because I haven’t gotten 24 kills without dying.

Call of Duty MW3 quick exp guide 3 – Domination/Kill confirmed. These are so simple. Grab the tags in kill confirmed. I cannot stand it when people run past a group of tags and we are losing by like 5. Come on guys grab the tags then move on. Same can be said about domination. If you are losing a base and are close go protect it. You get bonus exp for defending and going on the offensive if you kill them while they have it. Capture bases for increased exp and kill streak rewards.

That will end the Call of Duty MW3 quick exp guide. Know some tricks I don’t? Let me know and I will give you credit!

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  1. in domination for example when you captured position A, throw down some c4 and move on to another position, whenever you hear the enemey is taking over position A, use ur c4, most noobs wont even see u put c4 xD

  2. use Stinger to bring down helicopters in drop zone and use blind eye.
    XP from: perk upgrade and xp from planes (FAST XP)

  3. For a hole lot of xp complete easy perk challenges like Extream Conditioning, Assassin Pro and Dead Scilence Pro. Once fully completed u get over 30,000 xp per perk, for things like sprinting, falling and getting kills when a UAV is up. Its so easy cause u dont even have to try;)

  4. Playing Team Defender With the specialist Killstreak this a good way cos when your team get the flag your team get 2x the points for kills, assists Trust iv been doing this for like a few weeks now and im racking up the EXP 🙂

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