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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Persona Non Grata Intel Guide

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Persona Non Grata Intel Guide

The next level in Modern Warfare 3 is Persona Non Grata. You have to escort Soap out and he is badly injured. This Intel guide will help you find the intel as you play. so with that let’s get started!

This level starts a bit hectic as you a helicopter crashes into the building you are taking care of Soap in. you need to defend him for a few seconds and then you will have to give him a shot. Once you do that is when you need to be on the look out for the intel. After the guy kicks the door in and Price drops him move down to the lower area.

I am doing this as I go so if I miss one that you didn’t let me know.

Call of Duty MW3 Intel guidePersona Non Grata – After getting down to the fighting clear out any enemies who will give you an issue. Look to the right and you should see a little cubby with a team mate shooting out of it. Mine was a PVT. Go in there and on the floor you should see the intel. Grab it.

Call of Duty MW3 Intel guidePersona Non Grata 2  – Once you get to the area with the civilians you should clear out any bad guys you see. Keep moving to the objective and when you get to about 40 meters from it you should see a house on the right. The door is open so go through it. Go into the bedroom and grab the intel.

Call of Duty MW3 Intel guidePersona Non Grata 3 – Once you go through a couple buildings you will go underneath some floor boards. you need to get something out of the shipping crate down here but before that look to the left of it. You will see the intel. Grab it then move on.

Call of Duty MW3 Intel guidePersona Non Grata 4 – Hey On persona Non grata the intel your missing is on the slide to left get you use the UGV it’s right there on the top I just now foud it myself it is a tricky booger – By Cody Wheeler. Thanks for the help.

That will end the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Intel guidePersona Non Grata. I missed one and I will go back later and search for it.  I thought it would be on the way to the chopper but it must be before it somewhere.Don’t forget, check and favorite our Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Complete Intel Walkthrough Guide for a chapter by chapter guide on all the intel locations in the game.

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  1. The piece of Intel that’s missing is directly to the left on top of the children’s slide right after the ugv is blown up and you have to run on foot!!! As soon as you leave the little garage look to your left!!! Happy hunting!!!!

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