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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Mission Guide

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Mission Guide
Missions are a new and exciting reward mechanic in CODMW 2019. This Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Mission Guide explains the basics of the Mission system in Modern Warfare, including the confusing restrictions the system places on players, and how to find new Missions.

Missions are actually rather tucked away in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. They are a vital part of progression, unlocking Blueprints and other highly valuable items, however, they are not activated by default.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Mission Guide

Modern Warfare Mission Guide
Firstly, finding Missions. You can find Missions in the multiplayer section. Go to Multiplayer and select “Barracks”, and then choose Multiplayer Challenges. From here you can look at your Daily Challenges or Missions, view the missions tab.

Here you will see all the missions available to you. Missions are exclusive. This means you are not able to have more than a single mission active at any one time. For example, if your current mission objective is to win 3 Public Matches, and another mission has the same objective, only the active missions objective gets completed. You can switch missions at any time, progress is saved so you can always go back and complete objectives at a later time.

Each Mission has several objectives. If you’re looking purely for the main reward at the end of each mission, be sure to check all of the objectives building up to that final reward, some may be out of your reach depending on your skill and play style. You can also check the reward of each objective.

Once a Mission is complete, a new Mission is not selected automatically, so make sure to check the Mission screen and add new missions.

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