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Call Of Juarez The Cartel Destroying The Chopper

Call Of Juarez The Cartel Destroying The Chopper

In the first level of Call of Juarez the Cartel you will fight a Helicopter towards the end of the level. It will kill you very quickly if you don’t stay behind cover so crouch and hide behind the wall and pillars. You will fight the Helicopter after you breach the cabin after the lumber yard. Let’s get on with the guide. So you made it to the cabin in level one of Call of Juarez the Cartel and you breached the door. After a few second a helicopter will attack you and most likely do some damage right off the bat. After you recover turn around and you will see some open boxes. Inside the boxes are rockets and a rocket launcher. Grab those and take cover behind the pillars and wait for it to pass. The rockets won’t lock on so wait for it to stop moving before you shoot it. Of course when it stops it will also be shooting at you so pop around the corner just long enough to take the shot. After a few shots the helicopter will drop.

Watch out for the missiles it shoots at you though you will get knocked over and it will unload its mini gun on you so stay behind cover for most the fight.

An alternative to this is to use your special and grab the m60 machine gun and unload. It will die very quickly likely before your special meter runs out. I use this tactic in the later levels of the game since I don’t always have a rocket.

So there you have it beating the helicopter in the first level of Call of Juarez the Cartel. Come back soon for more guides on Call of Juarez the Cartel.

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