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How To Mute Lobby In Destruction AllStars

How To Mute Lobby In Destruction AllStars
Lobby volume is on by default and people are already asking How To Mute Lobby In Destruction AllStars? You can, but you must do it for each lobby. Unfortunately, even in this day and age, developers feel the need to force socialization aspects in video-games, and we all know how that usually works out.

I’ve only had a few games and my experience with lobby chat is a perfect example of modern issues with the feature. My second match feature 2-3 very young children having an absolute blast. Giggling, laughing, taunting each other, they had a great time. No issues there. The next? Profanity, racist slurs, massively loud music, everything you would expect in a game with open voice.

How To Mute Lobby In Destruction AllStars

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A huge thanks @Superscooter2 on Twitter for showing me this. Once you’re in a lobby, press the PS button and navigate to the Lobby Card, it’s usually the first one or just to the left. Once you have it highlighted, you will see there is an option to mute. Simply select that option to mute all voice chat, both in the lobby and the game.

This will mute the entire match. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find a way to mute an individual player, so it’s all or nothing. Once the lobby is muted, it will remain muted for the entire game. If you want to mute further lobbies, you need to do the same thing again. Open the PS menu, select the lobby card, and turn the mute option to on.

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